ENG 302 Why America's gun control problems is unique? Essay

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Why America's gun control problems is unique ? write an Essay.( please see the requirement PDF document below ) It is a ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY paper. Five paragraphs from each article you choose. One article must be scholarly article (Each paragraph must be 150 to 200 words) and After you annotate your five sources, please include the following: 1. Your academic discipline. 2. Your narrowed research question(s). 3. One paragraph identifying connections and differences you see among the sources you annotated. END PAGE REFLECTION (250-500 WORDS)

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ENGH 302 Annotated Bibliography Assignment ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OVERVIEW Choosing an issue and an audience for your major argument essay will require research, to include gathering background information to teach yourself about the issue, help you better understand the multiple perspectives on the issue, determine your own stance, and identify an audience who disagrees, in part or in total, with your stance. Setting out to gather this information is called ​exploratory research​. You begin with a research question, but you don’t have to arrive at a thesis by the time you have compile this annotated bibliography. Your goal is to use these sources to educate yourself, understand both sides of the issue, and learn who has decision-making authority over it. ASSIGNMENT PART 1: COMPILE YOUR ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY List five ​highly credible​ sources that help you understand the scope of a current and unresolved issue in your field and the audiences who have decision-making authority over it. (NOTE: To arrive at five great sources, you will probably review many more than that). One of those sources must be from a scholarly journal. The remainder can be from the major newspapers, trade publications, notable blogs written by credentialed authors, and high-end periodicals. Include sources that address the following aspects of research for Essay 2: ● One source for background information about the issue (scholarly sources are usually good for this purpose) ● One source that provides evidence about a potential audience, someone with decision-making authority over the issue you are investigating ● Two sources that offer differing perspectives on the issue ● One source the establishes why this issue is current and unresolved in your field Write the source citations accurately using the documentation style appropriate for your academic discipline (MLA or APA). ENGH 302 Annotated Bibliography Assignment PART 2: WRITING THE ANNOTATIONS (100-200 WORDS EACH) For each of your sources (below each citation), you must write a rhetorical précis, a four sentence summary or “annotation” that does the following: Sentence 1​ Name of author and title of work [publishing information, date, and page numbers in parentheses]; a rhetorically accurate verb (such as ​asserts, argues, suggests, contends, believes, reports, indicates, insists​); and a "that" clause containing the thesis or main argument of the work. Sentence 2​ A brief but accurate explanation of how the author develops or supports the thesis, usually in the same order as was developed in the essay. Sentence 3​ A statement of the author’s apparent purpose, followed by an "in order to" phrase. Sentence 4​ An explanation of how this source is relevant to your research and why you chose it. Jane Goodall in "Primate Research is Inhumane" (​Animal Rights: Opposing Viewpoints.​ Ed. Janelle Rohr. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven, 1989: 95-100) ​argues that​ most laboratories using primates engage in inhumane practices. ​She supports her argument​ through detailed descriptions of lab environments and draws special attention to the neglect of psychological comforts which these primates endure until they sometimes become insane. Her purpose is to speak on behalf of the chimpanzees ​in order to​ persuade her readers to see that if we do not fight for improvements in lab care, "we make a mockery of the whole concept of justice." ​I chose this source because​ ​Goodall is a well-known subject matter expert and animal rights activist whose research shows animals can feel emotions, which provides an alternate perspective to other scholars who claim animals do not. PART 3: SYNTHESIZE YOUR SOURCES After you annotate your five sources, please include the following: 1. Your academic discipline. 2. Your narrowed research question(s). 3. One paragraph identifying connections and differences you see among the sources you annotated. END PAGE REFLECTION (250-500 WORDS) 1. Describe your experience shifting from the “collection” mode of traditional college research to an inquiry, or questioned-based, approach. How did having a question to answer to guide your research affect how you conducted your search and how will this shape your research process in the future? 2. How did synthesizing the sources you included help you refine your research question and/or influence your choice of audience? ENGH 302 Annotated Bibliography Assignment Omission of the End-Page Reflection results in an automatic 10-point deduction in grade for this assignment. This assignment, adapted from the George Mason Composition Program, is licensed under a ​Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International​ (CC BY-NC 4.) ...
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Why America's Gun Control Problems is Unique
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Why America's Gun Control Problems is Unique
List of sources
Lopez, G. (2018). America’s unique gun violence problem. Explained in 17 maps and
charts. Vox. https://www. vox. com/policy-and-politics/2017/10/2/16399418/us-gunviolence-statistics-maps-charts (accessed November 8, 2018).
Lankford, A. (2016). Are America’s public mass shooters unique? A comparative analysis of
offenders in the United States and other countries. International journal of comparative
and applied criminal justice, 40(2), 171-183.
Kleck, Gertz M. & Bratton J. (2009). Why do people support gun control? Alternative
explanations of support for handgun bans Gary. Journal of Criminal Justice 37, 496–504
Hagan, J., & Peterson, R. D. (1995). Criminal inequality in America: Patterns and
consequences. Crime and inequality, 14-36.
Cornell, S. (2006). The Early American Origins of the Modern Gun Control Debate: The Right
to Bear Arms, Firearms Regulations, and the Lessons of History. Stan. L. & Pol'y
Rev., 17, 571.
Annotated Bibliography
German Lopez in “America’s unique gun violence problem, explained in 17 maps and
charts.” (Vox. https://www. vox. com/policy-and-politics/2017/10/2/16399418/us-gunviolence-statistics-maps-charts (accessed November 8, 2018)) asserts the exponential
state of America to be extensively involved and diversified when it comes to
constitutionally protected rights for the legal arms-bearing citizens. The article further
details the unique way that the American citizens are entangled with the whole concept of
gun possession since the United States has earned a reputation to be one of the most
homicidal nations globally. Lopez supports his arguments by offering extensive analysis
of the risk posed by the easy access of firearms and how the current trends show elevated
violence scenarios in comparison to other countries and the challenges in fixi...

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