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Question 1: There is a growing debate on bitcoin and its usefulness as an investment choice. Do a research on bitcoin as an example of kryptocurrency and write a report on the pros and cons of investing in bitcoin.

Question 2: Watch the following video and answer the following questions

Describe the retail marketing strategy you would use for this product. Be sure to include target, retail format, competitive advantage, location. Explain your rationale for the your choices.

Question 3: The research project involves picking a pair of publicly traded companies which are the closest competitors in the industry example, Walmart and Target. Each student must have a different set of companies. You must then do a detailed research into the most recent financial and economic data on them and answer the following questions in as much details as you can. 1) Which two companies did you select and what criteria did you use to make sure they are competitors in the business?( 2 points) 2) Write a brief history of both companies .( 4 points) 3) Write a detailed financial analysis of both companies based on most recent income statement and cash flow statement data. This answer should be based on as much hard data as you gathered and analysed. ( 10 points) 4) A new investor is looking to buy shares in a company. As a business analyst which of the two companies would you recommend to a new investor and why? You must give your explanation backed by data and analysis( 4 points) The rough length of the project should be 5 pages excluding the cover page and references or bibliography. All references must be cited. APA style, Times New Roman, 12 font , 1.5 spacing.

Question 4: Buffalo Wild Wings: Competing for the Future

Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) has experienced rapid and at times explosive growth, since its founding three decades ago. The business, which focuses on chicken wings and related fun food, was founded in 1982 with a single location in Columbus, Ohio, near the Ohio State University. Today, the business is an owner, operator, franchisor model; the franchising element began in 1991. Live sporting events are a focus of the customer experience, with a typical Buffalo Wild Wing’s restaurant having 50 or more televisions for viewing sports. Coordinated marketing and coordinated operational execution has allowed for a consistent brand image across locations; buffalo insignias, a yellow and black color scheme, and stylized buffalo images help build this brand image. BWW has been successful in growing restaurant locations with 786 company-owned and franchise locations in 44 states at the end of the third quarter in 2011.

Growth Strategy

BWW needs to determine its strategy for competing for the future in which the restaurant industry is growing increasingly competitive and fragmented. BWW has a stated goal to continue to grow domestically and internationally. In order to grow successfully the focus is on the following strategies.

■ Continue to strengthen the Buffalo Wild Wings brand.

■ Deliver a unique guest experience.

■ Offer boldly flavored menu items with broad appeal.

■ Creating an inviting neighborhood atmosphere.

■ Focus on operational excellence.

■ Open restaurants in new and existing domestic markets and new countries.

■ Increase same-store sales, average unit volumes, and profitability.

The current business concept is thought to be able to support a unit base of 1,400 locations in the United States with a target of 40 percent company owned and 60 percent franchisor owned. The first international play for the company was Canada with the opening of a Toronto location in 2011, with plans to open 50 Canadian locations in the next five years.

Business Operations

A typical Buffalo Wild Wings location is open on a daily basis with operating hours of 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. The hours of operation can vary depending on local regulations and day of the week. In addition, franchisors agree to operate their locations a minimum of 12 hours per day. Dine-in and carryout is facilitated through ordering with traditional table service as well as a counter that takeout orders can be placed at. Purchases of food ingredients and supplies are negotiated on a system-wide basis in order to obtain the best cost possible; additionally all sauces are manufactured by a single company with BWW owning the recipes and seasonings of its signature sauces to prevent other wing establishments from using the same sauces. Chicken wings are the largest component of the food purchasing costs, and volatility in their prices could have significant impacts on the business. Currently, wings are purchased at market price, although long-term fixed price contracts are a possibility if market conditions warrant the change. BWW restaurants include a full bar, and, in Nevada, gaming; thus the business is subject to the regulations of the appropriate beverage commissions in all states in which it operates and the gaming commission in Nevada.

Financial Performance

A better understanding of the financial performance of BWW can be obtained by examining the data in Exhibits 1–3. Note that net earnings are after-tax net earnings.


1. If there is a BWW near you, visit the restaurant or if not take a look at them online ( Identify what you see as competitors to BWW.

2.What do you see as the competitive advantage of BWW? Be sure to discuss its value proposition.

3.Where would you place BWW and restaurants it competes with in terms of the retail life cycle?

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Marketing Strategy


Institution affiliation



Question 1
Crypto-currency is a digital currency that applies cryptography for security. Bitcoin is an
excellent example of crypto-currency. Due to this security, crypto-currency is hardly
counterfeited. Bitcoin, being the most original cryptocurrency, is managed by a decentralized
network of subscribers and it is not directly controlled by the central banks or states government.
Several merits and demerits come with Bitcoin. They include the following.
Bitcoin pros
Bitcoin offers the subscribers freedom in payment. You can send and receive money from
any place across the globe. Therefore, the subscribers do not have to strive to walk across the
border when transferring money. Other advantages include users controlling their transactions
hence is safe to use with an affordable transaction fee.
Bitcoin cons
There are insufficient awareness and understanding of this stuff. Several people need to
be informed of what Bitcoin is and convince businesses to accept them for transactions.
Additionally, Bitcoin is still at their infancy level thus having incomplete features.
Question 2
Apple Watch
The Apple watch is a 21st-century product that meant to render the required solutions to


the needs of people. The best retail strategy to use for this product is a retail promotion. The
approach involves advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and public relations. The target market
segment should be towards the lifestyle buying situation. For this Apple watch, e-retailers would
work best since it will be keen to present the overall feel and appearance to the customers. The
competitive advantage of this product is establishing efficient internal operations. The product
can be stored in Apple stores, but whenever there is a customer, who wants it, shipping services
should be offered. The reason for making these choices is because the Apple watch is a global
Question 3
In this research project, I will focus on Costco and Walmart companies. The reason
which has made me select the two companies is that they are publicly traded companies and are
the closest competitors as well. An analysis of the operations of the Costco and Walmart from
the view of efficiency of their activities in using the resources to establish the value of
shareholder via the enterprise marketing and critical performance ratios depicts the closeness of
their competition. Therefore, the criteria of their selection were efficiency performance.
Costco brief History
Costco Company is situated in America. This wholesale company deals with a wide
range of merchandise. It operates as an ‘only members’ warehouse club with all its retails
operating across the world. This company was established by Sinegal James together with
Brotman Jeffery in 1983. Costco has its headquarters in Issaquah in Washington from where it
runs all its prominent enterprise operations (Baek & Wang, 2018). Later after the establishment
of the organization, Sam Walton had an idea to merge price club with Sam’s club although had


the deal and merged with price club. The newly formed company was renamed as PriceCostco.
In spite of the merged PriceCostco Company making great fiscal revenue than the individual
companies had the price club founder left the organization and founded Price enterprises as a
particular company up to 1994.
Price club was renamed as Costco wholesale in 1997. The new company included all the
retail locations. Some years later, Costco signed a treaty with Retalix Ltd to install store-line fuel
software solutions across all of its outlets of fuel within the US. The operations of the company
mainly focus on retail products incorporating hardware, automotive supplies, toys, sporting
products, apparels, electronic goods, Jewelry as well as health aids (Shen, Akula, Yan & Tao,
A brief history of Walmart
Walmart Company is one of the largest retailers in the world. This multinational
organization traces its roots from the USA. The global company operates department stores
usually aimed to serve lower class and middle-class people. Currently, this company is the
second largest public company across the world as indicated by the Fortune Global 500. Walmart
has over 2 million workers, and it is recorded as one of the companies in the world that host vast
numbers of employees. The company has its headquarters in Bentonville in Arkansas. Walmart
generated 51% of its total sales from US grocery business in 2009 worthy $258 billion.
3) Write a detailed financial analysis of both companies based on the most recent income
statement and cash flow statement data. This answer should be based on as much hard data as
you gathered and analyzed.
Financial Analysis of Costco


Consolidated Income Statement

USD $ in millions

12 months ended

Sep 2, 2018

Sep 3, 2017

Aug 28, 2016







Gross margin




Membership fees
















Interest income




Foreign-currency transactions gains (losses), net




Other, net













Net sales
Merchandise costs

Selling, general and administrative
Preopening expenses
Operating income
Interest expense

Interest income and other, net
Other income (expense)
Income before income taxes


Provision for income taxes
Net income including non-controlling













Net income attributable to non-controlling interests
Net income attributable to Costco

Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows

USD $ in millions

12 months ...

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