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Assume you are a Maryland resident and Medicaid recipient looking to enroll in a managed care plan, review the Maryland Managed Care Website(s) at:

Assess and evaluate HealthChoice, Maryland’s statewide mandatory managed care program based on the following evaluation criteria. Please choose one (1) of the MCO's under HealthChoice to evaluate.

Using the table format below, answer the questions (using a narrative format) in each section that appear in bold type. Please be sure to include a reference page.

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Health Choice/Maryland Managed Care Plan

When choosing a healthcare plan, there are various
benefits I would put into consideration. The University of
Maryland is a healthcare plan that I would select owing to
its numerous benefits that will be effective for my
situation. This plan offers family care for elderly people
Benefits Offered and
Services Covered

hence saving funds. The family care is healthcare that
ensures that both the physical as well as psychological
conditions are well catered for. This will be especially
good for me because it will offer me an opportunity to
keep in touch with my family. Also, the family care
benefit provided by the University of Maryland ensures
the wellness of the whole person- something that is
unavailable in many healthcare plans.

In the University of Maryland healthcare, greater
services are offered while incurring lower costs. ...

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