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Please follow all directions, i have uploaded files for "The Rise and Fall of Four Loko" and "Rules about Footnotes" , "Advice on how to write a good philosophy paper" ,i will upload pictures of the reading of The Rise and Fall of Four Loko, and "how to construct a moral argument". I will also upload the INSTRUCTIONS for this assigment.

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*PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVEN’T MISSED ANY DETAILS!* Your essay should consist in total of approximately three double-spaced pages in 14-point font, with no more than one-inch margins. (Not three pages per question, but three pages in total.) Then study the third Canvas module, entitled, “Advice About How to Write a Good Philosophy Paper”. Make sure you are aware of the rules about how to format your paper and how to cite sources in your essay. They are in the section entitled, “Rules about Footnotes”. Last but not least, re-read chapter how to construct a Moral argument. Once you’ve done all this, you’re ready to start working on your essay. Begin by reading the material from section 6-6 of Chapter 6 that is entitled, “Case 6.5 The Rise and Fall of Four Loko”. Making online notes for yourself as you go along will help you understand and retain the material better. Organize your essay into three sections as follows. Please number and label each section and subsection. As you can see, the questions are based on the “Discussion Questions” found at the end of Case 6.5. Section 1. Section 1 should be about one-half to one pages in length in toto. Sub-section 1a. On the basis of your own research, answer the following four questions about what Four Loko is doing today. Answer each question in its own paragraph. • What drinks is Four Loko marketing today? • What is their marketing strategy? • How are the drinks they are marketing today different from or the same as the drinks that got them in trouble in 2010? • Has their marketing changed at all? If so, how? In this sub-section, you are required to draw on outside research you have done either through Questia or from other sources that you judge to be “credible” based on the information in the “Reading and Writing Tutorials”. Sub-section 1b. Provide your own assessment about whether this drink really was as dangerous as its critics alleged. Be sure to explain why or why not. Here again, you are required to answer on the basis of your own research. Section 2. Section 2 should be about one page in length in toto. Sub-section 2a. Is the banning of Four Loko and kindred beverages an example of legal paternalism? [Hint: always begin your answer to a question like this by defining key terms. Base your definition of legal paternalism on the book’s discussion of this concept in Chapter 6.] Sub-section 2b. Is legal paternalism a legitimate moral principle, in your opinion? Why or why not? In this sub-section you should draw on what you have read in this chapter and on your own ideas about ethics. Some outside research, particularly through Questia, may be helpful in deepening your own thinking about ethics here. In this sub-section outside research is encouraged, but not required. Section 3. In section 3, as in section 2, you should draw on what you have read in this chapter and on your own ideas about ethics. In this section of your essay, some outside research, particularly through Questia, may also be helpful in deepening your own thinking about ethics. This outside research is encouraged, but not required. Section 3 should be one to one-and-a-half pages in length in toto. Sub-section 3a. In your judgment, in general what moral responsibilities do the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages have? Why? In this sub-section you are presenting and defending the basic moral principles that you think apply to these manufacturers Be sure to structure your answer according to what you have learned about constructing and defending moral principles in chapter 1 section 8c. Sub-section 3b. Based on what you have said in sub-section 3a, answer the following questions. Answer each question in its own paragraph. • What specific steps, if any, are the makers of alcoholic beverages morally required to take in order to meet their moral responsibilities? • Did Four Loko fall down in this respect in 2010? Explain. 2 Chrome File Edit View History Bookmarks People Window Help M 4 70% U.S. Fri 10:02 PM Natalie Rose Bastagian MX Los A MyGO Porta Cheg N myNo Infor © Book M Air Fr В. Book B. Book В. Book Flight Fees Chea Cour a palm S View + f → C Р CENGAGE MINDTAP Q Search this course ? Natalie v Chapter Reading: The Nature of Morality X Chapter Contents li į A A A ? uillerent circumstances in which it can occur and the cliects it has on the market and on other traders. The information supporting a moral judgment, the facts, should be relevant- that is, the information should actually relate to the judgment; it should be complete or inclusive of all significant data; and it should, of course, be accurate or true. Merriam Webster A-Z < Moral Judgments Should Be Based on Acceptable Moral Principles We know that moral judgments are based on moral standards. At the highest level of moral reasoning, these standards embody and Summary express very general moral principles. Reliable moral judgments Moral judgments must be based on sound moral principles-principles that are should be logical and unambiguous and can withstand close scrutiny and rational based on facts and criticism. What, precisely, makes a moral principle sound or acceptable moral principles. acceptable is one of the most difficult questions that the study of Conformity with our ethics raises and is beyond the scope of this book. But one criterion considered moral is worth mentioning, namely, consistency with our considered beliefs is an moral beliefs. important consideration in These beliefs contrast with our gut responses, with beliefs based on evaluating moral principles. ignorance or prejudice, and with beliefs we just happen to hold i Rules About F....docx ^ 32 MAR 19 8 ... lll WT بار اول nes Chrome File Edit View History Bookmarks People Window Help M E 4 (< 70% U.S. Fri 10:03 PM Natalie Rose Bastagian Q Chapter 6 Reading: Consumers X MindTap - Cengage Learning Х + F → C g Р : CENGAGE MINDTAP Q Search this course Natalie Chapter Reading: Consumers X Chapter Contents li į A A A ? Case 6.5 The Rise and Fall of Four Loko Merriam Webster A-Z If you're serious about your partying, how do you manage to keep awake when drinking late into the night? That question may seem absurd to some people, but it has long bedeviled club-hoppers and other revelers. Some of them drink cola on the side or mixed with alcohol; others favor Red Bull and vodka. Recently, however, a few entrepreneurial companies came to their aid, by combining alcohol and caffeine into one convenient package. Joose and Four Loko are two examples. The former added 54 milligrams, the latter 156 milligrams, of caffeine to a malt beverage that is 12 percent alcohol. (In comparison, a can of Coke contains 35 milligrams of caffeine, and an eight-ounce cup of coffee between 100 and 200 milligrams. Beer is usually around 5 percent alcohol and wine 12 percent.) Made with fruit flavors and packaged in bright colors, Joose and Four Loko were sold in large, 23.5-ounce cans. li i While these innovative products made some consumers happy, they soon alarmed colleges and health officials around the country when they led, or appeared to have led, to a growing number of intoxicated students and other young people landing in hospital emergency rooms, some with serious alcohol poisoning-for example, the New Jersey student who showed up in a local hospital with a blood alcohol level of 0.40 (at least four times the legal limit for driving a car) after drinking three cans of Four Loko and several shots of tequila in 32 MAR 19 8 H WT Global
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Section 1.
Sub- Section 1a.

After the ban had been initiated for the drinks, Four Loko had gone ahead to introduce a
northern daring which they consider to be having no caffeine at all. This move was initiated
because the company had this cases of the product being considered to be unfit for home.
Seemingly the marketing strategy the company is using it quite a number of times, it
is simply trying to take things to a different direction. In some way it is like the company si
introducing a new product into the, marketing strategy being employed by the company is
also intended at making a comeback to the industry and the change.
Initially they presented to the market a product that was alleged to be having such a
high number of caffeine. So the difference is on the fact that the product no longer contains
the same amount of caffeine like the one that brought them troubles. In 2010 a ban was made
on all the caffeinated alcoholic drinks. The ones they are marketing today is the one that is
free from any source of the c...

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