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This week you should be reading and finishing the following in the book you choose for the 1st 8 weeks.

  • For Macbeth, this worksheet should include: Act II + Act III
    • (For those working with Macbeth, here is a PowerPoint I have put together to help you with the text: Macbeth PowerPoint. If you do not have access to the Introduction of Macbeth, please use/read this one: MacbethIntro.pdf)

To receive full credit, please submit an annotation worksheet for your reading of the section for your book. You can submit separate annotation worksheets or one annotation worksheet for all the sections.

Here is the blank Annotation Worksheet template in both docx and pdf format.

Click here for the Annotation Worksheet Template in .docx format.

Click here for the the Annotation Worksheet Template in .pdf format.

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Annotation Worksheet
Source: Macbeth, Acts II and III


Rhetorical Context (Who wrote it or created it? Why was it written? What is
it trying to do to or for its readers? What is it? Where does it appear? When
was it published? What is its genre?)

The play Macbeth was created by William Shakespeare. IT was written with Scottish
themes, with the overall intent of pointing out the dangers of excessive obsession with
power. It is trying to show the readers that people should be content with what they have,
or be patient until they get what they yearn for through fair means.


Summary (What does the text say? What are its main points? What did you
find most interesting or important?)

The main ideas presented in Acts II and III of Macbeth include the killing of King
Duncan by Macbeth, and the ensuing fear that Macbeth has to live...

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