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Can you help me understand this Programming question?

Hi, i am really a newbie , have a heart to learn to do a blog or website like this
i just want to create as simple as this , and when i click , i hope can see many pictures like this and when i click the picture, i want to see , in beside some words, and when when i click the bold words, i can see an paragraph.

I hope to get a advice to know how to start? And what is the simple way to do ? 

Will appreciate all the advice.
Thank you

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Final Answer

Try open source like wordpress or joomla for this,
you can get lot of nice themes of your choice, and you can also get plugins for this sort of gallery you want,
as well as i offer my service to you if you wanna create this site by me, i will just create for you but in some more pledges :-),
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Thanks for the help.

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