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Please respond to the following:

Part 1: Share a time when you provided feedback to someone (e.g., informal colleague feedback after a meeting or presentation or formal feedback such as during a performance review). How was it received? What did you do well? Knowing what you know now, how would you have improved it for a better result and/or relationship?

2: Share a time when someone provided you with feedback. How did it make you feel and what was your response? Knowing what you know now, would you have listened and/or responded differently?

Part 3: Respond to the following peer post:

I remember a time when I was precepting or teaching one of our newly hired nurses with no experience. I watched her interact with doctors on the phone, person, and with family members. She was very nervous which was understandable. I was in her shoes once too and I remember it just like it was yesterday when I was also a "baby" nurse just learning to take my steps. At the end of the day when we were recapping our day, I've given her feedback on how to approach doctors on the phone and in person as well as what to say and what not to say in front of family members and patients. It was received better actually by that particular nurse. She wasn't upset because she knew I was only trying to help her. I was also mindful of how I delivered the message. I think there is a way to get our point across without sounding so harsh or so blunt.

When I first moved to this country when I was 11 years old from the Philippines, I understood English but not too well. I used to say "pardon" all the time just so the person would repeat what they say to me so I can understand it better. Back then, I remember I did very bad on my first essay. I received feedback from my teacher that I should do better and that I should see different examples and different techniques from my other classmates. Back then I felt so bad. I was so down and felt depressed at some point but I vowed to try harder. Knowing what I know now, I still think I would have responded the same way except now when I get feedbacks for whatever I do, may it be presentations or papers, I tend to be more open. I try not to take it personally and that I'm okay with constructive criticisms. I just look at it this way that the person was trying to help me improve my communication skills may it be through verbal presentations or written papers.

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Part 1.
There was a time I gave feedback to my colleague was after a class presentation. On that day, my
classmate was presenting on a particular topic in the psychology class, and he asked me how the
performance was. After telling him how I thought he had performed, and where I thought he
could improve, he was angry. Since that day, our relati...

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