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choose a movie analysis and write a 500+ essay for it. All the instructions and topics in the uploaded file below.

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WS 200 / Spring 2019 Experiences 30% of class grade (10% for each experience) Assignment: This semester, you will complete three experiential assignments and submit a 500-word reflection on the experience. These experiences should give you the opportunity to apply course concepts to real-life situations and to engage with the communities around you in a different way. You will submit your experience reflections online as you complete them. In your reflection, be sure to explain what experience you completed, to reflect on how it went for you, and to connect it to course concepts and texts, in addition to whatever the prompt asks of you. You should aim to distribute your experiences across the semester, beginning as soon as possible. All three must be submitted by the end of dead week (4/21). Suggested Due Dates: Experience 1: Sunday, Feb. 10 Experience 2: Sunday, March 10 Experience 3: Sunday, April 14 Choose 3 different experiences from the list below. You may also attend one additional departmental speaker event for extra credit. WS 200 / Spring 2019 Experiences (choose 3) 1. University Lecture: Attend a relevant lecture at the university. Events hosted by the Gender and Race Studies department will always count for this, in addition to other events related to course topics. 2. Community Event: Attend a non-university event that relates to course topics. 3. Activism: Attend or participate in some sort of activism or protest related to feminist issues. 4. Art Event: Attend a relevant art exhibit, drag show, burlesque show, theatrical performance, etc. 5. Movie Analysis: Watch a movie and write an analysis of its treatment of issues we have discussed in class. How does it portray or discuss gender, race, class, sexuality, etc.? 6. Documentary: Watch a documentary that is relevant to course content but not part of class assignments, and write about it. 7. Drag: Dress in drag, and reflect on the experience. 8. Gender Observer: Attend a social event, and act as an observer. Take note of how identity is operating in the space, and try to act as an anthropologist. Who is there? How do they interact with each other? What sorts of gender norms do you see being established, enforced, or challenged? 9. Conversation: Start a conversation about some course topic with someone you wouldn’t normally talk about this stuff with. 10. Generational Interview: Conduct an interview with someone of an older generation, focusing on their experiences and understandings of gender, and its intersections with race, sexuality, class, disability. Talk about their experience of gender roles and the changes they have observed. 11. Local Feminist Interview: Conduct an interview with someone who strongly identifies as a feminist. Find out what issues matter to them, what sort of work they do, and how they came to identify as a feminist. 12. Conduct a Survey: Select an issue that you think is important, and conduct your own research by creating a survey and gathering data from a population you have access to (UA students, etc.). Write about your findings. 13. Educational Materials: Select a topic that you think people need to know more about, and create some sort of education material about it. This might take many forms (pamphlet, wiki page, comic, game, zine, etc.) Think about what audience you are directing it at (something for young children will be different something for college students), and be creative! 14. Creative Writing: Write poetry, fiction, or memoir that explores gender and identity issues. 15. Other: If you have an idea for an experience that doesn’t quite fit into one the options listed above, just check in with me about it before doing your write-up.
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Movie Analysis (experience 5) – Outline
Thesis statement: The film exorcist is an American horror movie produced in 1973 and features
a teenage girl Reagan who gets possessed with demons after the separation of her parents
I. Issues Identified In The Movie
A. This film is very significant because its themes address critical issues in the society
which in some way affect women such as gender, feminism, and social class.
B. From the film exorcism, we can see the imbalance in the gender following the
divorce of McNeil and her actor husband
C. Another issue close to gender evident in the movie is the use of feminism. The
directors of the film use the life of McNeil as a character to represent the concept
of feminism
D. Finally, the film portrays the concept of the social class using the life of Father
Karras. His mother dies because he is not sta...

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