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For a hospitality business to be successful, the management team must have a strong purchasing process which includes both selection and procurement. This process must be well-established in order to control costs and deliver the best possible product / service for its target customers.

For this assignment, you will choose one (1) major restaurant chain from the list below that uses central commissary and develop a new purchasing process for a single restaurant unit. You will use this restaurant chain as a framework (i.e., the menu, average restaurant size, and management / employee organizational structure) for developing a new purchasing process. Note:You must create your own purchasing process for a single restaurant unit based on the concepts you have learned in the course. Do NOT just report on the restaurant chain’s current purchasing process.

List of U.S. resturaunt chains, select one (1)


Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:

  1. Choose one (1) major restaurant chain and provide a brief overview including: (STARBUCKS)
    1. a history of the chain
    2. the type of cuisine(s) and theme
    3. the number of restaurants
    4. the average restaurant size (seating capacity) and layout (both front and back of the house layouts)
    5. the standardized menu (both food and beverage)
  2. Describe the restaurant chain’s central commissary including the products it supplies and it doesn’t supply, and analyze how the central commissary benefits a single restaurant unit.
  3. Select at least three (3) purchasing technologies from the following list: inventory-tracking, storage management, product ordering, product identification, and bar-code reader. Explain how those you have chosen will be used to optimize the purchasing process for this restaurant chain.
  4. Explain how the new purchasing process for this restaurant unit follows and abides by the five (5) major purchasing objectives. Provide a rationale for each objective.

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Starbucks Corporation
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Starbucks Corporation
Brief Overview

Starbucks Corporation was started in Seattle, United States, in 1971. It was started by
Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegl and Jerry Baldwin but in 1981, Howard Schultz was interested in the
company, and he joined. However, after Schultz visited Italy in 1983 and saw their coffee bars,
he was involved in bringing the Italian coffeehouse tradition into the United States. He,
therefore, left Starbucks for a while and returned in 1987. Through the help of a local investor,
he was able to purchase Starbucks (Starbucks, 2019). The company started by roasting whole
bean coffee and later they began selling espresso coffee. After Schultz bought the company, he
opened new outlets, and by 1989, the company had forty-six outlets.
In 1992, the company was put up for Initial Public Offering. In the same year, the
company was receiving yearly revenue of approximately seventy-two million dollars (Starbucks,
2019). Its first store to be opened outside the United States was in Tokyo, Japan. Starbucks
Corporation has many stores around the world. The corporation operates in seventy-six countries
with twenty-seven thousand three hundred and forty stores in the world (Starbucks, 2019). The
layout design of Starbucks Cafes ensures premium customer experience by providing workflow
efficiency and putting little consideration on space utilization;
The seating capacity of the stores is not equal as it depends on the size of the store.
However, stores ensure that customers have enough leg space as this prov...

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