I want an Excellent tutor, the assignment is worth 15% of my final grade. So i need a writer who will provide a top notch work.


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I want an Excellent tutor, the assignment is worth 15% of my final grade. So i need a writer who will provide a top notch work. Ensure high quality work, no plagiarism no grammar typos

Follow instructions carefully please. I want a high quality work. please follow instructions

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How to Use Adobe Spark (for the Social Media Assignment) LOGGING IN TO ADOBE SPARK. 1. Go to https://spark.adobe.com/sp/login 2. Click ‘Sign up with email’ (unless you already have an AdobeID). Note: If you are working on a tablet or phone, you will be sent to a download page. Click the little icon in the top right corner to be taken to the main sign-up page instead. 3. Fill in your name and college email address. Create a password you’ll remember! MAKING AN INFOGRAPHIC (FOR PART ONE) 1. Log into Adobe Spark. 2. Click the 3. Choose ‘Create new… Web page’. 4. Give your infographic a title, such as ‘East Side Mario’s Social Media Strategy’. 5. Click the photo bubble to add a background photo (optional). 6. Use the + buttons to add content in the order you want it to appear. button. Use ‘split layout’ to show your screen shot and text alongside one another. Use ‘photogrid’ to show multiple screenshots together if you wish to share more than one sample of a particular channel. Choose ‘Add your image’, then ‘Upload photo’ to add your screenshots. 7. Click ‘Share’ and choose ‘Publish and share link’ when you are done your work. See next page… CREATING SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS (FOR PART TWO) Note: I highly recommend writing your posts in Microsoft Word first, then copy and pasting into Adobe Spark. This will allow you to use spelling and grammar checker. 8. Log into Adobe Spark. 9. Click the button. 10. Choose ‘Create new… Web page’. This will be your long-format post. 11. Give your post a title. 12. Click the photo bubble to add a background photo (optional). 13. Use the + buttons to add content in the order you want it to appear. Use the ‘text’ tool to add your text. Use ‘photo’ or ‘photogrid’ to add relevant photos. Choose ‘Add your image’, then ‘Upload photo’ to add your own images/screenshots, or search for stock images within Spark. 14. Click ‘Share’ and choose ‘Publish and share link’ when you are done your work. 15. Return to the main page of Spark (you can use your browser’s back button). 16. Click the button. 17. Choose ‘Instagram’, ‘Twitter’, or ‘Facebook post’ from the templates under ‘Stand out on social’. This will create a short-format post. 18. Click visual elements, such as images, to change them. 19. Double-click text to edit it. 20. Use the ‘Add’ button to add extra elements. 21. Click ‘Share’ > ‘Link’ when you are done your work. Social Media Assignment This is an individual assignment. Please prepare and submit your own work. Value: 15% of your final grade Document type: draft: Word document, final copy: Adobe Spark How to submit: submit draft Word document with Adobe links to Brightspace Part one: Social media PROFILE 1. Choose a hospitality business which is active across at least three different social media platforms (e.g. any 3 of Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.). 2. Read through at least five different short posts on each channel to get a sense of how the business is using each platform. 3. Create a graphic organizer to show how the business uses each platform (what is similar, what is different?). Include: Number of followers Target audience (e.g. new vs. existing customers, age range, etc.) Type of content Purpose (e.g. to promote business, to connect with customers, to share info). You may create your organizer by hand (submit a photo), use the template provided, or create your own online/in Word. 4. Submit your work to Brightspace once you have done parts two and three. Part two: Social media long post (e.g. for Facebook or blog) 5. Imagine you operate a small, local bakery/café/bistro and want to introduce the public to your business (invent your own; do not Google). 6. Write a 250-300 word post for a company blog or Facebook page introducing your company. Write a draft in Word and run spell and grammar check (or Grammarly) before posting. Use the direct pattern – i.e. start with your main message then add details. Include: • • • • • Basic information about your venue customers will need. How you got started – what was your inspiration? What is your history? Culture of your business – what kind of place is this? What kind of people will be your customers? A relevant photo and caption (with citation and reference if not your own or an Adobe Stock image). A call-to-action closing (BONUS: add a social media incentive). Here are a few examples: https://vittoriatrattoria.com/#about http://www.barlaurel.ca/ http://sconewitch.ca/2016/10/welcome-to-the-sconewitch-blog/ Do not use content from these or other examples; you must write your own posts. Part three: Social media short post (e.g. for Twitter or Instagram) 7. Reformat the same message as above into two short posts (no more than 280 characters [characters = letters + spaces]). Include: • • • • 8. Copy and paste your work from Word to Adobe Spark. See the handout ‘How to Use Adobe Spark’ for more detailed instructions. • • • • • • • • • • 9. The main idea of your message above. An image. Appropriate hash tags. The link to your long post (you will get this in the next step). Create a free account at https://spark.adobe.com Choose ‘Sign up with email’ and use your college email address. Click the + button then search for ‘Web page’ (or click the ‘Web page’ button). Click the + button and choose ‘text’, ‘photo’, ‘photo grid’ and/or ‘split layout’ to add content to your long post. Use the 'Share' button to get a link (choose ‘Publish and share link’). Add it to your Word document. Return to the Spark main page. Click + again. Choose 'Instagram', 'Twitter', or 'Facebook post' from the templates under 'Stand out on social'. Add the content for your first short-format post, including the link you just copied from your long post. Use the 'Share' button to get a link. Add it to your Word document. Repeat for second short post. Post your draft with the links to your final copies into Brightspace. EVALUATION: SOCIAL MEDIA PART ONE: ANALYSIS Clear, descriptive analysis of how business is using each platform Clear distinction between the various platforms Specific data provided for each platform Organized, visually appealing presentation Analysis total /3 /2 /3 /2 / 10 PART TWO: CREATION Long post Clear, concise title that generates interest Clearly visible, relevant image with citation Clear, concise topic statement (application of direct pattern) Clear, concise introductory details (inspiration + culture) Call to action closing (bonus for SM incentive) Appropriate tone and writing style Logical organization and paragraphing Long post total /1 /1 /1 /5 /1 /1 /2 / 12 Short post Clear, concise statement of main message (x2) Clearly visible, relevant image with citation (x2) Convincing, enthusiastic (but professional) tone Appropriate use of hashtags (x2) Links to main post (x2) Visually appealing design (x2) Short post total /2 /2 /2 /2 /2 /2 / 12 Spelling and grammar multiplier: x 1 = few or no errors; clearly understandable message throughout x .95 = no major errors; some minor sentence issues x .9 = few major errors; some sentences unclear x .85 = some inappropriate word choices or minor second-language issues x .8 = frequent second-language errors or frequent errors but spell check run x .7 = frequent or obviously careless errors; failure to run spell check ASSIGNMENT TOTAL: / 34 Social media graphic organizer: Platform: Followers: Audience: Purpose: Content: What’s unique? Similarities: Platform: Platform: Followers: Audience: Purpose: Content: Followers: Audience: Purpose: Content: What’s unique? What’s unique? ...
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School: Duke University

hey, see the attached

Surname 1
Student’s Name
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Social Media Long Post
Welcome To Charm City Cakes Blog
How are you all, in the current days, it is difficult to resist the taste of well-made cake as
a way to start of a day during breakfast. For this reason, charm cakes got you covered with all
types of delicious cakes and cookies. We are located along highway court road in the great city
of California. Charm city cakes and bakery started in the second month of the year 2016 by
Wilson Pullman. He was inspired by the need to provide high standard and quality cakes to the
people of California and beyond whom for a long time had to travel far to access such a bakery.
Over the years of existence, the business has had a culture of always putting the interests
of its customers first. This goes a long way in ensuring all its employees work in line with the
wants and desires of the customers. Through this, the bakery is in a position to learn on new
methods in the bakery industry all aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction. The location of
the business is strategic in that it is along a highway where a majority of city residence passes by
as they go about their business. Additionally, the main residential premises in the city are a
kilometer away from the bakery, and this makes it an ideal spot to have breakfast. The bakery is
also ideal for lunch dates, and therefore young couples are frequent customers.

Surname 2

Inner view of the bakery
Retrieved from: https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1CHBD_enKE729KE729&tbm
Visit us today, and you won’t have any reason to buy a cake from any other place other than
Charm City Cakes.
Social Media Short Post
Charm city cakes the bakery of your choice that ensures your s...

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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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