American Colonies, Child Of Europe & Migration Motivation Discussion

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here is what need to b done: Note THE questions must be answered to qualified.

1- 3-4 paragraph for each question, essay format. Brief introductory paragraph with thesis most important.

2-outline answers must be giving a points of what u writing.

3-support your argument in the 2,3 paragraph and 4 will be conclusion paragraph.

4- last not least i will not be paying for plagiarism work. What i wants is to understand from your own analysis.

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I am looking for an essay with an argument. Outline answers, lists, or essays without a point are not acceptable. A good essay will have a brief introductory paragraph with a thesis and at least two additional paragraphs in which you provide support for your argument (three or more paragraphs). 1. Historian David Muzzey wrote in 1927 that “America is the child of Europe.” To what extent, if any, is his interpretation of American history accurate in the 15th through the 17th centuries? In your essay, consider possible problems with his interpretation as well as what he might be leaving out. What might you propose as another thesis statement concerning the settlement and colonization of the Americas? Explain. Include information from both PRIMARY (at least one) and SECONDARY sources or lectures/videos assigned for this course. Be sure to have a time reference(s) in your essay. You do not need to memorize quotations, just remember the material to support your point. 2. What were the primary motivations for the Spanish and English colonizers in migrating to the Americas during the 15th through the 17th centuries? Did the colonizers differ in terms of their primary motivations or was it the same for both groups? For example, were the primary motivations about money, cultural conquest religion, empire, personal power, or some combination? Provide specific details and evidence from assigned course readings. Remember to keep in mind the rough order in which events occurred and make some reference to time/dates (you do not need specific dates, but offer an approximation such as “in the 1510s”). Include information from both PRIMARY (at least two) and SECONDARY sources or lectures assigned for this course. Be sure to put a time reference(s) in your essay. You do not need to memorize quotations, just remember the material to support your point. You do not need to memorize quotations, just remember the material to support your point. 3. Imagine that you are a young English man with few financial resources, to which English colony or colonial region would you choose to go to as an indentured servant, and why, in the last decades of the 17th century (e.g., 1660-1700)? In your answer, be sure to explain something about why you would choose to avoid some of the other English colonies. The colonial regions you should choose between include: the Chesapeake (VA/MD), the Deep South (Carolinas), the West Indies/Caribbean (Barbados), New England (MA Bay, Rhode Island, Connecticut) or the Middle Colonies (PA/NY/NJ/DE). Show knowledge of the regions by explaining something about the type of settlement, economy (crops), labor system and religion that were established as well as what the colony's relationship was with Native Americans. Use information from the textbook and any relevant primary source documents.
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Migration Motivation
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There are a number of factors that motivated the migration of European countries to
move to America. Different countries had different motive. This led to the movement of the
colonizers to various destinations of the world. This paper evaluates the motivation of European
migration to Americans.
Spanish and English colonies motivation to migrate to American was searched for
religious freedom. There existed an increased religious intolerance where people were forced
into religious and religious belief other than their choice. Second, the desire to sell their goods
motivates to them to look for new routes to sell their products (Low, and Elms, 2013). These
countries also moved to American in the urge to show their dominance in powers globally. Some
European countries aimed at proving to others that they had power than their counterparts.
The motivators had different motivations in migration to the Americas. This Spanish
were motivated by power where they wanted to prove to their counterparts that they were more
powerful. Among Spain and Portugal were motivated by the proof of powers to others and to the
world. They aimed at colonizing other ...

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