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watch the Web seminars “Data Integration Renaissance: New Drivers and Emerging Approaches,” “In Search of a Single Version of the Truth: Strategies for Consolidating Analytic Silos,” and “Data Integration: Using ETL, EAI, and EII Tools to Create an Integrated Enterprise.” Also read the “Data Integration” research report. Compare and contrast the presentations. What is the most important issue described in these seminars? What is the best way to handle the strategies and challenges of consolidating data marts and spreadsheets into a unified data warehousing architecture? Perform a Web search to identify the latest developments in the field. Compare the presentation to the material in the text and the new material that you found.

Instructions: please watch the seminars and answer to all the points asked above.

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Need references related to all the seminars asked above.

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Data Integration



The first illustration depicts the state of affairs in today’s industry when it comes to data
integration and how data is flowing from one end to the other. Data as indicated is a raw material
that numerous financial benefits most of which are still untapped, the major issue that arises from
all this is that there is no main integral data unit, but rather they are scattered all over. The
seminar also addresses the outlook of various businesses when it comes to data integration,
Modern data has been identified to be a great interest to many businesses and due to the nature of
its sporadic shelf life it is critical that it is utilized with efficacy as quick as the businesses can
(Meléndez, 2016). In the recent past most of the tools that were related to data integration were
majorly for people who are tech-savvy, but in this modern ear systems are being put in place that
any proactive can understanding the workings of data integration in a company. These emerging
approaches are what will ensure that the modern businesses have working platform that can ease
data integration. New drivers have to be developed as data grows and the need to effectively
ensure that business is on the rise.
The second seminar talks about how various business entity are clumped up with analytic
silos and thus making data integration quite a difficult tas...

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