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1. The book of Galatians aimed to justify Paul’s calling by God and the gospel of grace. The
Galatians lay more emphasis than any other book that we receive salvation by grace and not by
any other work. The book educates that we are only saved by grace and not by any other mixture.
If one is not saved by grace, he or she is not saved at all. Further, the book of Galatians holds that
we cannot at any case mix the works and observing self-righteousness, thus, the Galatians
affirms that if you are not saved by grace, you are not saved at all. The Galatian churches were
majorly formed by two groups: partly by the Jews converts and partly by the converted Gentiles
and this was normally the case. Paul states his character of apostolic and his teachings that he
would justify the churches in the Galatia in Christ faith particularly while paying much attention
to the significance view of using only faith to justify this. Hence, whatever we learn from this
scripture sounds quite similar to that which is in letter to the Romans that justification is entirely
by faith. In the letter, nevertheless, much respect is paid towards understanding that men are
vindicated by faith with no works of Mosaic law. The Galatians were not a composition of the
modern history, rather it was a strike against the ill mannerism of the Christ gospel. The crucial
reality of vindication by faith and not by the doings of the law was blocked by the Judaizers’
demand that those who believed in Christ had to abide by the Law of Moses if they wanted to be
pure in front of God. When Paul ultimately realized that his teachings had started penetrating the
Galatian churches and that it had been able to withdraw them from their homes of liberty, he
decides to write fervent objection that is present in this letter. The spiritual freedom became the
result of the vindication by grace through faith. Paul continuously urged the Galatians to stand
firm in their freedom and not to give in again to the bondage of the Mosaic Laws. He states that
as Christians, we should use our freedom to love one another just as Christ loves us all.
2. Paul goes to a church in Jerusalem and presents to them the teachings of grace that Jesus
revealed to him. Galatians 1:18-19 states how Paul journeyed to Jerusalem just three years after
meeting with Jesus on the road that led to Damascus. He goes further to explain his second visit
to Jerusalem fourteen years later where he was accompanied by Barnabas and Titus. Paul
explains that he went up by manifestation and passed them to the people of Jerusalem about the
gospel he often preaches to the Gentiles and secretly to people of a class which he perceives that
might be in vain since he had previously been in vain. Paul indicates from the Galatians one that
the gospel he preaches came as a revelation from God alone and neither man nor apostle from
Jerusalem was associated with the origin of this gospel. His two visits to Jerusalem about
fourteen years ago show that Paul learned the gospel without sitting at the feet of the disciple of
Jesus revealing that everything in this world bit it power, position is as a result of God’s grace
thus in everything we do, we should glorify His name and give Him all the credit. When we
reach heaven, we will remove our crown and throw them gracefully at his feet because all we
have including those crowns were received by grace from Him. The story of Paul is quite
inspiring having in mind that he was the one who tirelessly worked to destroy the God’s
churches and now he is the same person working with less rest to ensure that the church of God
prevails and are well maintained.
3. The book of Galatians asserts that Christian foundation does not means having materialistic
things such as the education level, credentials or schools. As much as we human beings may
perceive these man-made things as helpful and significance for a living, they do not form the
background of why we serve our Christ. The book asserts that the foundation of service lies
within the Christ himself and whatever he called us to do for him, that is, to be the witness of his
great sacrifice that he accepted to die on our behalf just to save us and we should believe in this



so that we get delivered from the detrimental world. Paul states that we, men tend to affirm the
work of gods and his will that has already taken effect in us. When Paul was writing to Galatians,
unlike other churches, he was under too much pressure and stress from every corner. He strained
to write his teachings to Galatians. This is why his greetings to Galatians seems so distinct
compared to other churches. Many critics had started arising from false teachers who rose to
question the calling of Paul and why he says he is a God’s messenger. Some of these false
teachers even went ahead to question the gospels itself leading to loss of the normal affectional
in the individuals and the churches. At this point, Paul had to speak the truth to Galatians that he
is a truly a minister of God, Jesus Christ’s messenger and the real apostle. He stated the four
major points seen in the initial fie verses. In verse one, he says that only God and not any other
living or non-living commissions him, in verse two, he asserts that all verses refer to him as the
Gods man, in verse three, he says that he yearns for the best for those who believe in Jesus
Christ. In verse four and five, he announces the Christ work. Even when there was numerous
critics, Paul remained silent and focused on his task as God’s messenger and did not struggle to
prove himself to any false prophet. He emphasized that he had been called by God to be His
minister and he was making this a personal testimony so that people could believe in Christ. Paul
makes himself clear by asserting that his call was purely from God and Jesus Christ and man
knows nothing about it, thus, man cannot stop him from spreading the gospel. In Romans 5:30,
the scripture outlines that those who were predestined were also invited and those who were
invited were vindicated and finally the vindicated individuals were also glorified. In most cases,
the critics became stronger and arose confusion and troublesomeness to the God’s minister at the
time when he had to courageous pronounce his invitation to the ministry. He did not do it in a
boastful way nor supernatural way but in a humble and explicit way so that the people could
compresence. He emphasizes that as a minister. everyone should investigate his or her heart to
ensure that his invitation is from God and not of any other origin.
4. We see most churches in the Galatia being led astray by the untrue teachers and thus the
spiritual wellbeing of most believes was at risk of distortion. It forces Paul to even more strong
in his writings and teachings about the single soul which he emphasized that was greater: and of
more benefit than any other gain in the world. The same is confirmed in the Book of Mark 8:3637 when Jesus asks Christians what it could benefits a man if he acquires all the wealth in the
world and lose his precious soul and whatever a man may chose in exchange of his soil. Both the
physical and spiritual wellbeing of Galatians was at risk. The time to use force purposefully had
come and Paul had to be more stringent and sound mind in his judgements and doings. Paul
authoritatively commanded the false preachers and the believes that there is only one message
from God and that is the gospel of Christ. He went ahead to explain purposefully that it only this
gospel of God that must be preached, taught, heated and obeyed by everyone. The design of
Paul’s teaching was a simple in that it holds three points: the only message is the gospel of God,
some believers and non-believer chose to follow the false prophet and that the false teacher of
gospels are a curse to the world and to themselves. Paul tells Christians that they should always
remember that Christ died for them so that they could be saved from this sinful world as was the
will of God the Father. The great message of the gospel is that Jesus Christ died so that we may
be rescued from the current evil and dangerous world, so that at the end when God will come
with his army, we ascend to heaven to sit with Him in heaven eternally and to live in the new
heaven and new earth that he went to build for us after his resurrection. Paul urge Christians to
be very practical in their thinking and to truly believe the fact that Jesus himself gave his life at
the expense of our salvation and this is what God values.



5. Paul did not hesitate to annoy any man when it called for pleasing God as stated in Galatians
1:10. Most of the false teacher criticized Paul of inconsistency, they claim that Paul was looking
for personal gain and approval of men instead of God as he claims. They further justify that Paul
lived by Law when he was among the religious Jews and was living a mere loose kind of life
when he lived amidst the non-believing and the believing Gentiles. These false preachers we
found of saying different things to different groups with an intention of confusing them. They
claimed Paul was living worst life in pursuit for support from people. Paul counters this claims
by explaining to the Jews that he became a Jew to save lives of the willing as was revealed to
him by God the Father. Critics say that Paul became everything to people but Paul’s throws a
question at his critics asking whether he is still seeking to get the support from man or God. Paul
gives an answer to his own question by explaining that he believes that whoever pleases mankind
does not qualify to be the servant of God thus if I focus to please men then the point is quite
clear, I am not the true servant of God. Paul accept that he was sought to please men some time
back and that is not the case currently as he is focusing on pleasing the God our Father and Him
alone. The scripture goes ahead to explain that, it is obvious that the servant of Christ must need
to bless the people but it should not be at a cost of compromise
6. Paul, following after the first fewer years his salvation decided to follow God the Father first
and not man. The outlines direct to five significant points: Paul first visited Arabia where he had
time with only God, he then went back to Damascus where he cleansed all his previous
wrongdoings after which he ma...

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