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what is template funtions

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In C++, function templates are functions that serve as a pattern for creating other similar functions. The basic idea behind function templates is to create a function without having to specify the exact type(s) of some or all of the variables. Instead, we define the function using placeholder types, called template type parameters. Once we have created a function using these placeholder types, we have effectively created a “function stencil”.

Creating function templates in C++:

 int max(int nX, int nY)


  return (nX > nY) ? nX : nY;


Note that there are 3 places where specific types are used: parameters nX, nY, and the return value all specify that they must be integers. To create a function template, we’re going to replace these specific types with placeholder types. In this case, because we have only one type that needs replacing (int), we only need one template type parameter. Let’s call our this placeholder type “Type”. You can name your placeholder types almost anything you want, so long as it’s not a reserved word. Here’s our new function with a placeholder type:

  Type max(Type tX, Type tY)


    return (tX > tY) ? tX : tY;


Using function templates:

Using a function template is extremely straightforward — you can use it just like any other function:

   int nValue = max(3, 7); // returns 7

   double dValue = max(6.34, 18.523); // returns 18.523

   char chValue = max('a', '6'); // returns 'a'

Note that all three of these calls to max() have parameters of different types!

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