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8. In “Go Down, Moses,” “Egypt land” refers to Egypt on one level. What else does the phrase refer to?

 a. the South
 b. the North
 c. Africa
 d. England9. Which of the following does NOT describe the meaning of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”?

 a. Home equals the slave quarters.
 b. Home equals heaven.
 c. Home equals freedom.

 d. Home equals the North.

Oct 3rd, 2015

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8. In “Go Down, Moses,” “Egypt land” refers to Egypt on one level. What else does the phrase refer to?

Answer: Africa

Which of the following does NOT describe the meaning of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”?

Answer: Home equals the slave quarters.

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I'm always happy to answer your questions. Thanks
Sep 17th, 2015

10. In “Letter to His Son,” Robert E. Lee does which of the following?

 a. urges his son to support the North
 b. agrees that the South has grievances
 c. criticizes the state of Virginia
 d. rejoices at the election of Abraham Lincoln

11.  In “Letter to His Son,” Robert E. Lee’s remark that “we are between a state of Anarchy and civil war” indicates that

 a. no battles had yet been fought.
 b. Lee still hoped for a peaceful secession.
 c. Lee still hoped the South would submit peacefully.
 d. the North hoped for a compromise settlement.

Sep 17th, 2015

25. Determine the meaning of the word “consternation” in this sentence: "I have had her rush at me, with the utmost fury, and snatch from my hand such newspaper or book, with something of the wrath and consternation which a traitor might be supposed to feel on being discovered in a plot by some dangerous spy."

 a. elation
 b. pride
 c. confusion
 d. amusement

26. At first, Douglass says, his mistress acted in a "benevolent manner." He means that she acted __________ toward him.

 a. indifferently
 b. selfishly
 c. kindly
 d. brutally

27. The word most nearly opposite in meaning to “consternation” is

 a. thoughtfulness.
 b. confidence.
 c. fear.
 d. despair.

Sep 17th, 2015

28. Determine the meaning of the word “deficient” in the following sentence: “At first, Mrs. Auld was deficient, or, in the skills and attitude necessary to be a brutal slave owner.”

 a. lacking
 b. highly skilled
 c. practiced
 d. experienced

29. In “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” what emotion is communicated as you listen to the refrain?

 a. anger
 b. boredom
 c. longing
 d. fear

30. In “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” to whom does the singer refer in the following: “If you get there before I do. . . Tell all my friends I’m coming too”?

 a. relatives who have abandoned her
 b. slaves who have already escaped
 c. blacks who were born in the North
 d. whites on the Underground Railroad

Sep 17th, 2015

31. Which line is part of the refrain of “Go Down, Moses”?

 a. let my people go
 b. when Israel was in Egypt land
 c. oppressed so hard they could not stand
 d. if not I’ll smite your first-born dead

32. Which element of “Go Down, Moses” is characteristic of many spirituals?

 a. references to biblical places
 b. references to Moses
 c. warnings of punishment
 d.demands upon leaders

33. In “Go Down, Moses,” what do Pharaoh and the people of Israel stand for?

 a. Egypt and Moses
 b. the U.S. and Egypt
 c. the president and U.S. citizens
 d. slaveowners and slaves

34. What happens during the first incident with the streetcar  in “An Account of An Experience with Discrimination”?

 a. The conductor treats Truth civilly because she is with a white woman.
 b. The conductor refuses to stop the streetcar.
 c. The conductor closes the door in Truth’s face.
 d. The conductor overcharges Truth because she is black.

Sep 17th, 2015

35. What happens to the conductor who was involved in the first incident that Truth describes?

 a. He is promoted.
 b. He is arrested.
 c. He is dismissed.
 d. He is assigned to a new route.

36. What does Truth’s companion, Josephine Griffing, do as a result of how the conductor treated Truth during the first incident?

 a. She reports the conductor to the president of the streetcar company.
 b. She gets off herself and walks along with Truth the rest of the way.
 c. She reminds Truth that black people are often treated unfairly.
 d. She apologizes for getting on first instead of letting Truth go first.

37. What does Mrs. Haviland mean when she says Truth “does not belong to me, but she belongs to humanity”?

 a. Truth was once was a slave, but she is now free.
 b. Truth is a human being and should be treated like everyone else.
 c. Truth is not a slave, but she is an African American woman.
 d. Truth is working for the hospital and should be treated respectfully.

Sep 17th, 2015

38. In which sentence is the meaning of the word “ascend” suggested?

 a. The passengers stepped up on the platform.
 b. The streetcar picked up speed.
 c. The streetcar slowly came to a stop.
 d. Truth got off the streetcar.

39. In which sentence is the meaning of the word “assault” suggested?

 a. The conductor grabbed Truth and hurt her as he pushed her from the streetcar.
 b. Mrs. Haviland tried to help Truth get on the streetcar.
 c. The streetcar came to an abrupt halt when Truth stepped in front of it.
 d. People watched curiously as the argument continued between the two women and the conductor.

40. When the president advised the conductor’s “arrest for assault,” he meant the conductor should be arrested because he

 a. discriminated against Truth.
 b. attacked Truth.
 c. spoke harshly to Truth.
 d. refused to let Truth on the streetcar.

Sep 17th, 2015

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