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. Select the correct description of right-hand and left-hand behavior of the graph of the polynomial function. f(x)=4 x^2-5x+4

2. Select the correct description of right-hand and left-hand behavior of the graph of the polynomial function. f(x)= 3-5x+3^2-5x^3

3. Sketch the graph of the function by finding the zeros of the polynomial, f(x)=2 x^3-10 x^2+12x

4. Use synthetic division to divide. (x^3-27x+54)\(x-3)

5. Use the Remainder Theorem and synthetic division to find the function value. g(x)3x^6+3x^4-3x^2+6  g(0)

6. Find all real solutions of the polynomial equation. x^4-4x^3 +12x-9=0

7. The height,h(x), of a punted rugby ball is given h(x) = 1/64^2 +13/32x +2wherex is the horizontal distance in feet from the point where the ball is punted. How far, horizontally, is the ball from the kicker when it is at its highest point?

8. Find the zeros (if any) of the rational function.g(x) = x^2-16/x-4

9. State the domain of the following function . h(x)= x^2-3/x

10. Simplify fand find any vertical asymptotes ofx=3.

11. Determine the value that the functionfapproaches as the magnitude ofx increases. f(x)=4+ 1/x-2

12. Select the correct graph of the functionf(x)= 6/x+3

13. Select the graph of the rational function. (Plotted additional solution points as needed.) g(x)=1/2-x

14. A biology class performs an experiment comparing the quantity of food consumed by a certain kind of moth with the quantity supplied. The model for the experimental data is given by y= 1.577x – 0.0001/6.363x+1, x greater than 0 wherex is the quantity (in milligrams) of food supplied andy is the quantity (in milligrams) of food consumed.
At what level of consumption will the moth become satiated?

15. Select the graph of the exponential function. f(x)5x^-2 +3

16. Select the graph of the function. f(x)=e^5x

17. Select the graph of the function. f(x)=(1/3)^-4

18. Write the exponential equation in logarithmic form. 30^0=1

19. Evaluatef(x) at the indicated value ofx. Round your result to three decimal places. X= -3/2

20. Use the properties of logarithms to expand the expression as a sum, difference, and/or constant multiple of logarithms. (Assume all variables are positive.) log3 9x

21. Use the change-of-base formula to rewrite the logarithm as a ratio of logarithms. Then use a graphing utility to graph the ratio. f(x)=log4^x

22. Solve the exponential equation algebraically. Approximate the result to three decimal places.

23. Solve for x. 1nx-1n5=0

24. The populations (in thousands) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 2000 through 2007 can be modeled by p=m2632/1 + 083e ^0.0500 t, wheret represents the year, witht=0 corresponding to 2000. Use the model to find the numbers of cell sites in the year 2001.

25. An initial investment of $9000 grows at an annual interest rate of 5% compounded continuously. How long will it take to double the investment

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