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Please read the following article and write a 3 page APA style paper. The paper has to be on your thoughts about the article, do you agree/disagree, why? Use Vygotsky's definitional phrases. Basically have to analyze the paper and write your thoughts about it ( your own detailed analysis). Please make it 3 pages.

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Running Head: Child Psychology.

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Running Head: Child Psychology.
Child Psychology.
Although the interpretations of Vygotsky’s theory largely assume that instruction is
pushed development, the issue of how it occurs has not yet been clarified. Focusing on the
concept of Zone of proximal development, often abbreviated as ZDP, is used to explain the
difference between what a learner can do without help and what they cannot do without help.
This theory states that a child follows the adult’s example and gradually develops the ability to
do certain things without assistance (Clarà, 2016). According to Vygotsky, the role of education
is to give children experience that is within these zones of proximal development, this would
encourage and advance individual learning such as strategies and skills. This part of the article
has been on focus and I agree that it is unsatisfactory. This paper presents my thoughts based on
precise analysis of Vygotsky Theory Revisited.
The area of concern is the educational psychology is how learning instruction influences
psychological development. I agree with the fact that Vygotsky’s notion that the development of
a child is caused by socially mediated learning. This is one of the most important theories in
education today. However, this theory does not have a good explanation about how it occurs and
why it occurs while there is no detailed explanation to support this particular idea.
Vygotsky’s main ideas in Mind and Society has been widely used although the text
presented there has been termed as inaccurate and does not give a complete portrait of
Vygotsky’s ideas (Gredler, 2012). I agree with Gredler’s idea that these theories are applicable to
the children whose psychological functions are maturing but not yet mature. One of the main
aspects of Vygotsky’s theory is the view of cognitive development to be dependent on ZDP. This
is the level of development that is attained when children engage in social behavior. Vygotsky

Running Head: Child Psychology.
argues that dull development of Zoe of Proximal Development is dependent on full social
Vygotsky’s notion that children would not advance very far if they are left to discover
everything on their own is alternatively genuine. Children are entrenched I a socio-cultural
backdrop of which their interaction with adults i.e. parents plays a significant role with regards to
their learning. A more knowledgeable person is an ind...

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