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Please follow all the directions below and please find the 10 agencies based on the Los Angeles, California area. Thank you!



You will need to find and identify 10 different and FREE cost or low cost resources offering services to children and families in the community or city where you live. Resources outside the community where you live will not be accepted. Duplication of same agency will not be accepted.

If you live in Los Angeles County you might want to use the following link to search for FREE resources: Links to an external site. OR use your own research online to find the 10 required agencies in different categories, as listed below:

If you live outside of Los Angeles County, you will need to research your information online.

Your typed PDF saved document should include TWO different free resources or low cost for EACH of the following FIVE categories: INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND LAST NAME ON YOUR PAPER.

  1. TWO resources of FREE or low cost for Child Care services
  2. TWO resources of FREE or low cost Housing services (shelters, low income housing, etc..)
  3. TWO resources of FREE or low cost Mental Health services
  4. TWO resources of FREE or low cost After School or Tutoring services
  5. TWO resources of FREE or low cost free Medical/Dental/Vision services

Complete the information below for each of the 10 agencies/resources.Type the content and save it as a pdf document before you submit it to me via CANVAS. You will need to duplicate the form 9 times since I am giving you the first format as a sample

COMMUNITY RESOURCES FORMAT (you will need to use the format below for EACH of your 10 resources, one format per resource)

Please complete and answer the following 7 sections for EACH of the 5 categories:

Categories: 1.Child care, 2. Housing, 3. Mental health, 4. After school/tutoring, 5. Medical/Dental/Vision:

  1. Name of Agency/Facility:
  2. Address:
  3. Phone Number:
  4. Description of program (population served, ages, service area) :Use your own words, do not copy and paste from website or you will not get any points.
  5. Description of Services Available: Use your own words, do not copy and paste from website or you will not get any points.
  6. Languages Spoken:
  7. Free /Low Fees: Explain. You might need to contact the agency to find more specific information if it is not specified on their website.

Make sure you number each agency, so you can show that you did 10 different agencies.

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Explanation & Answer


Surname 1
1.Saban community clinic – Beverly clinic Centre
8405 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 653-1990
They offer services to people of all ages
They offer dental services such as; Cleanings, Fillings, Exams, X-rays, Extractions, Space
maintainers, Oral health education and Dental Sealants services
522 South San Pedro St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel: (213) 486-4050
They offer services of oral health care Primary Health Care Vision Care
HIV Care and Treatment, Case Management, Pharmacy Services, Substance Abuse, Treatment
Harm Reduction counseling, X-rays, Laboratory Services ,Supportive Services, Transportation,
Specialty Referrals
3. Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Public Health
11833 S. Wilmington Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90059
(323) 568-8100
4.ruane clinical research
5901 W Olympic Blvd., Suite 401
Los Angeles, CA 90036
323 - 954 – 0400 care clinic

Surname 2
8610 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 208
Los Angeles, CA 90045
6.The Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic
3324 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
+1 0323 6607959
7Ruth-Temple Public Health Center
. 3834 S. Western Avenue Los Angeles CA 90062
323) 730-3507
6255 Sunset Blvd., 21st Fl.
Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA
Deals with people of all ages
Deals with AIDS awareness. The services are free and use English as the main language of
1.Chabad Treatment Center
5675 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90036
(323) 524-2097
2.southern California counselling center
5615 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
323 9371344
Treats people of all ages on all matters on mental health.
3.Silver Lake Psychotherapy

Surname 3
Silver Lake Psychotherapy
1758 Griffith Park Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90026
(323) 736-4139
They treat adults and teenagers
They have specialty in anxiety, depression and relationship issues
They use English as the language of communication and accept all forms of payments
4. Kinkaid Private Care Detox
Kinkaid Private Care Detox
Beverly Hills, California 90212
(323) 310-2563
They deal with adults and adolescents from age 14 to 19 years and treat all people irrespective of
their place of origin.
They deal with medical detox, alcohol abuse and addiction
They accept the use of insurance cards to cover for all medical expenses and their prices are also
5. Grace Recovery
6082 Selma Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90028
(323) 843-4953
They are involved with the treatment of...

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