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The presentation should be about how they started, what acquisitions they have, what products they offer, stock price and so forth.

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Tata Group
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Tata group

Tata group is a private conglomerate of around 100 firms consisting of multiple business sectors: energy,
information systems, chemicals, materials, engineering, consumer products, and services.

The headquarter is in Mumbai.

It was founded in 1868 as a private trading firm.

The founder was called Jamsetji Nusserwanii Tata.

The group incorporated the Indian hotel's company in 1902 for commissioning Taj Mahal Place and Tower
which was the first luxury hotel in India.

After the death of Jamsetji’sin 1904, the son Dorab Tata took over the group and the group diversified and
ventured into a vast array of industries such as steel in 1907, electricity in 1910, education in 1911,
consumer goods in 1917 and aviation in 1932 (Tata, n.d.).

Mission, Vision and Values


The group aspires to be the global steel industry benchmark for value Creation
and corporate citizenship.


Fostering teamwork among employees, nurture their talent, enhance leadership
capabilities and act with pride, pace, and passion.

Provide a safe workplace, being respectful to the environment and caring for
the community by demonstrating ethical standards.

I am developing leading-edge solutions in products, processes, and technology.

Mission Statement

The group follows Jamsetji Tala’s vision and values by striving to strengthen the industrial base o India through effective
utilization of staff materials.

The means envisaged in achieving this mission are cutting edge technology and high productivity's consistent with modern
management practices.


Honest-The group strives to be fair, transparent, honest and ethical in their conduct whereby everything they do stands the test of
public scrutiny.

Excellence- The groups are always passionate about achieving the highest quality standards and promoting meritocracy.

Unity- Investing in its people and partners, enabling continuous learning and building caring and collaborative relations by trust
and mutual respect.

Responsibility- Integrating environmental and social principles in the group’s businesses, to ensure that what comes from the
people goes back to the people as many times as possible.

Pioneering- Being bold and agile, taking on challenges courageously and the use of deep customer insight in developing]ng
innovative solutions.

Tata Group Acquisitions

Tata group has made some major acquisitions around the globe to become one of the

biggest conglomerates in the world. Some of them are:

Tata Tea Ltc acquired UK’s Tetley for $432 million to become the world’s second tea
packaging company in February of 2002.

Tata Motors acquired the South Korean commercial vehicle unit of the Daewoo group
in February of 2004 (Reuters, 2014).

On August of the same year, Tata steel Ltd bought Lone steel miller in Singa...

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