To Sleep with the Angels and Killer Show: The Station Nightclub Fire essay

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Summarize, in one full page, the (key) structures described in the four books. Summarize a comparison of the structures by completing the following table.  This table should be included in the report. Highlight important similarities and differences in text that accompanies and references this table

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Name of the book and building

Location of

Structure (s)

Time Period of



Approx. Cost

Materials of


To Sleep with the Angels, Our Lady of the Angels School

Illinois, Chicago, U.S.

Built in 1910 and remodelled in the later years, Catholic school for kindergarten through middle school (began education in 1904)

Approximately $220,000

Wood-plank roof, ordinary brick and timber, wood, wood lathe, plaster, acoustical tile , glass transoms

Triangle: The Fire that Changed America, Asch Building

(Manhattan) New York City, New York, U.S.

Built in 1900-1901 by architect Joseph Asch. It's “fireproof” walls attracted many workers to work there during the Industrial Revolution


Wooden floors, large glass windows, wooden stairs, steel metal framing and metal elevators, Iron and Steel building

Fire in the Grove: The Cocoanut Grove nightspot

Boston, Massachusetts,U.S.

Built in 1927,

Popular restaurant and music entertainment shows.

Burnt in 1942

More than $300.000 Approx

Ceilings covered by fabric, wooden

floors and stairs, tables,

bricks and glass window

Killer Show: The Station Nightclub Fire, America’s Deadliest Rock Concert, John Barylick

West Warwick, Rhode Island,U.S.

Originally built in 1946 and had several different remodels and owners;The final owner was bought in March of 2000

$200,000 approx.

Walls covered by foam for soundproofing, wood paneling, carpeting, ceiling tile

The four books are :

1- To Sleep with the Angels.

2- Triangle: The Fire That Changed America.

3- Fire in the Grove: The Cocoanut Grove Tragedy.

4- Killer Show: The Station Nightclub Fire.

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Introductory Summary
The study focuses on comparative analysis of four books, the To Sleep with the Angels, Triangle:
The Fire That Changed America, Fire in the Grove: The Cocoanut Grove Tragedy and Killer Show: The
Station Nightclub Fire. Each book contains specific stories of interest which depict various construction
shortcomings that eventually led to loss of lives during fire outbreaks. The study mainly pays a...

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