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Rough Draft Requirements:

  1. The following should be submitted together in one file:
    1. The first 2-3 pages of a short story (fiction) AND
    2. 2-3 pages of poetry (2-3 pages of poetry, not 2-3 poems).
      1. When it comes to the poetry, your goal is to build a mini collection of poems. Write enough individual poems--each with a length of your choice--to fill 2-3 pages. Poetry may be single-spaced. Boldface your poem titles, and leave a little white space between poems—just enough to show readers where one poem ends and the next one begins. DO NOT try to get away with placing one extremely short poem on each page just to reach the page limit.
    3. Submit your work as a single attachment to the Workshop discussion board assigned to you. You may attach your work as a .doc or .pdf, add it as a link to a Google Drive doc, or you may simply copy/paste the fiction and poetry you’ve written into the box.
      1. Important: if you choose to use Google Drive, open your doc, click “share” at the top right, choose the option for “anyone with the link can edit”, then copy/paste the link it generates into your discussion response box.
    4. When writing your story and poetry, use the ideas you came up with through our prior exercises and assignments. However, if those aren’t working for you right now, try reading the Finding Your Work handout for ideas and info.

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Hello, please find the attached paper. Please let me know if you have any question.Thanks.

Short Story (Fiction)
The short story that I chose to read was “A Rose for Emily,” by William Faulkner. I
absolutely loved this story. To me, this represented the changes that modern society was going
through time and how they were trying to change the traditions of the people. Emily represents
the traditions that stay the same over time. The people honor her and respect her, but at the same
time, they do not understand why she is so cut off from society. The other theme of the story is
that death is all around. From the beginning of the story, they talk about her death and then talk
about the death of her father and Homer. She tried to deny her father’s death and tried to
convince others that he was not dead. The author put in subtle hints about how the times were
changing, but she was unwilling to change along with society. He repeatedly brought up the
death of her father.
I can persona...

Just what I was looking for! Super helpful.


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