Reading the poem The Rose Tree by Yeats

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This paper will trace your reading process of Yeats’s poetry. You will read your chosen poem on three separate occasions and track how your interpretation and understanding of the poem changes with each reading. The final product is a three paragraph, 700-800 word response that explains your understanding and interpretation of the poem after each reading. The voice may be more informal than a traditional paper, but you still must use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

The Poem that I chose is "The Rose Tree" by Yeats.


Length: 700-800 words

MLA format, including in-text citations and Works Cited page (you will only be citing the poetry website, but you still need a Works Cited page)

12 pt Times New Roman font

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Reading the poem ‘The Rose Tree’
First reading
During this process, one did not seek to have an understanding of the poem but rather to have a
feel of the flow of the poem. From a personal view, the poem feels like a description of a natural
process or scenery. The speaker in the poem seems to be describing how a natural process takes
place, such as the blowing of winds and there seems to be an admiration for the rose tree. The
evident idea, with support from key words such as winds, blowing, green, and draw water among
others reaffirm this view. It should be the description of the environment and the rose t...

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