CS 1500 Introduction to server systems paper

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CS 1500 - Introduction to Server Systems

An introduction to server and operating systems focusing on the use of Linux. Students will learn how to perform basic administration of a Linux based system in the areas of command line usage, process control, user management, software installation and software removal. Additionally, the student will gain a basic fluency in the structure of the operating system, including items such as boot-up process and kernel structure. Scheduled and unscheduled laboratory projects.

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CS1500AA Extra-Credit Assignment #1 Write a paper on what you want to do when you graduate college. Include details like if, and how this class might impact that career, location you’d like, pay you expect, and how you want your career to progress after that point. Research some open positions that match your criteria and list steps you should take with milestones on how you could get to the point of being an acceptable candidate to apply for that position. This paper should be 12 point font, double spaced, either Calibri or Times New Romans, and be 3 pages at a minimum. The total amount of points this can be worth is 20, which is up to 2.5% added to your total grade in the course.
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Introduction to server systems
Thesis: After graduation from college I will apply a job as a security administrator at
National Cyber Security Alliance.
As a security administrator, I will perform various duties in the organization as a
system administrator. Some of my responsibilities include creating security requirements
within the organizations network. This responsibility includes the role of creating security
measures such as creating passwords to help the organization manage its information
effectively by ensuring that only authorised people access the confidential organization
I expect to be paid an average of $68,800 dollars per year. This will be my starting
salary being that I don’t have much experience as a system administrator.
This class has a positive impact on my career because it is equipping me with the
knowledge and skills I will require as a system administrator. In this class we have learnt
about security system aspects such as operating systems and servers which are very important
in the development of my career.

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Introduction to server systems
After graduation from college, I will apply for a job as a security administrator at the
National Cyber Security Alliance. Organizations need to establish a trustworthy and
dependable security system. To implement this, every...

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