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The sum of three consecutive integers is 108. What are the integers?

Sep 24th, 2015

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let one of the smallest integer be x,then

they are consecutive so  x , x+1 ,x+2 will be the integers

The sum of three consecutive integers is 108.

so, x+ x+1+x+2 = 108

     3x+1+2 =108

    3x +3 =108

    3x = 108-3

    3x = 105


     x =35

so the smallest integer is 35

other integers are 35 + 1 =36

                             35 +2 = 37

answer is

integers are 35,36,37

if you have any doubts in this question or any new questions ,please feel free to message.....thank you
Sep 24th, 2015

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Sep 24th, 2015
Sep 24th, 2015
Oct 22nd, 2017
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