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Imagine you work in a steel mill in a large industrial city in England in the late 1800s. You live in a neighborhood with other factory workers, and share the same living and working conditions they do. Write a letter to your representative in Parliament expressing your opinions on what the government should do, if anything, about the plight of the English working class during the Industrial Revolution. In your letter, include details about your situation, as well as solutions for
problems. Include some of the points below:

Working conditions in English factories, the hours you work, opportunities for breaks, the average wages workers are paid, safety on the job, ages of those you work with (including children), health and healthcare, and what you will do when you are too old to work

Types of laws that might be passed to address your concerns, including measures that factory owners should take to improve conditions, or steps the government could take to protect workers and insure better living conditions

Ideas you have for improving urban life such as city planning, technological innovations, sanitation, schools, hospitals, and law enforcement

How the government’s actions can affect England’s future, including the health, education, and welfare of its citizens


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Steven Holland
18 Exchange Street Driffield
East Yorkshire, YO25 6LJ, United Kingdom
March 19, 1829
Rt Hon Sir Michael Knight
18 Exchange Street Driffield
East Yorkshire, YO25 6LJ, United Kingdom
Tel: 01377 812123
Dear Sir Knight:
I trust you’re doing well. I am a factory worker in your constituency, East Yorkshire. I am
writing to you regarding the plight of the English working class in this Industrial Revolution. As
a dedicated factor worker, I can attest that we are facing horrendous and inhumane working
conditions. Whereas this Industrial Revolution has brought significant economic and social
changes to this constituency and the whole nation, the plight of the working class remains dire.
We urgently need changes to address the terrible working conditions faced by the working class
and also develop programs and legislation that would address these problems and better
England’s future including health, education, and welfare of her citizens.
First, the working class in facto...

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