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Activity 10: Using Evidence to Support an Argument Instructions: In class, we discussed the different types of evidence (examples, statistics, testimonials) that can be used to support an argument. For this activity, you to start to develop your argument for the final paper (i.e., the written persuasive appeal) by locating different types of evidence that support your argument. Refer to class notes from Unit 8 (Logos) to help you complete this activity. Before beginning the activity, visit the Final Paper folder on eCampus and pick the topic that you will argue for in your final paper. The potential topics are listed on the Written Persuasive Appeal Instructions document. Once you choose a topic, complete the following steps: (1) Based on your topic, write a one-sentence thesis statement about the position you will argue in your final paper. Make sure it corresponds with one of the three provided topics. (2) For EACH of the three types of evidence we discussed in class (examples, statistics, and testimonials), find one source that fits that type of evidence (e.g., for statistics, X% of people are influenced by this or Y program costs x amount of dollars; for examples, describe a story or theoretical piece that illustrates a viewpoint; for testimonial, find an interview or the actual words/opinion of a stakeholder). Academic articles, books, and primary documents are all great sources. Newspapers and editorials can also be used, but be selective. Each source must be relevant to your position on your final paper topic. (3) Provide detail about each of the three sources you find. You can (and are encouraged) to use quotes from your articles/books (provided you cite the page number), but you are required to interpret this quote in your own words. Additionally, indicate how this type of evidence will be useful in supporting your argument. (4) Provide a citation for each of the three sources using APA 6th edition format. Visit for clarification on APA style. Organization tip: Consider organizing this assignment by each of the three sources. Specifically, provide the citation for the source and then under the citation answer the questions about that source before moving on to the next source. This activity must be submitted to eCampus as either a text submission or an attached file no later than 11:59pm. co One thing indicates another a. Signs there must be afire. a exi There is smoke over there what we are missing; majon b. Cause/effect consequences Il well, because you 2 kisses, here we are .. () ? في واحد در اليوة )) ادت الي ي تاني (( الطمل) c. Analogies Compating a dif things, Luck is a beast, there fore, the colts will win E sunday Minor proprises. Scouhe 4. Theory (what is in sut of Intercted Idea's thet Llealsy relatioship Function of thedy.. * Describe * Explain & predice * control a. Think for Yourself, why use a theory? butter under standing 64 b. Appeals to Mob C Band wayon fallacy ) assumes that because others are doing it it's correct c. Appeals to Emotion- helying on emotional response (rather than on walls logic) to make an argument d. Ad Hominem Attack- an attack towards aperson rather that his / her ideas (UAI) well ang distorting the opposition's argument or attacking a e. Straw Man Fallacy- а и اوه argument that they did not make الدحية الي حي الم القرموها f. Playing with Words- que le gall you) exploiting the vagueness of ambiguity of an دم البث الحي أو الحرام لعة ممحارة مال .. argument, on using slanted language. کلر حلی امن و - g. Misuse of Authority سودا دحرام ( believing a claim because a clain because a powerful or respected person says it . مال الماهر Lollis ۱۱۱ حياة بلاد كاد أن يحص حمزہ کود او سلعة تقول ما لم) 66 5. Test the Worthiness (Logos) of an Argument como سر مودی ( لحم ) go 7 * 1. Test of truthfulness of premises the the heason provided there? objective vs subjective. ( Gew 2. Test of logical streetw credibility) If the reason is van bul) 's I wo w if the claim isu the relatioship betw.reasons and claim 3. Test of Relevance The truth of the claim should depend on the truth of the reason. #still relationship but are there other explanations? 'Elrulanity ther of the reason don't debandes on the vof the Clecin أحار كريم 4. Test of non lo vo ( دها هاربون کا الحجم الحادكة اي درو مطلعة وبيرر انها معايه و 8. Common Fallacies a deceptive arguments that appear logical and may seem Persuasives however, willogical reasoning To a. Appeals to Ignorance absence of reason is used to reject aclal mi هل ارمن والاح Unit 8: Logos & Fallacies 1. Evidence a. Examples Specific instances b. Statistics numerical data c. Testimonials quotations of phrases, INT an Gebill whell . 2 حجم محوة متروكة حفر الى اماكن الليل 2. Syllogism Enthymeme Formal statement where thue Premises equal a third-3 part deductive argument. Eng 1- All the people in this fom are students 2 you are in this room 3- you che astudents Legitimate Persuasive argument that the missing permisses; shortened syllogism, missing Piece. EX" 1. He couldn't have committed the heinous crimen 2. I have known him since he was a child 63
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