What Will Make The Prison System Safer?

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You are the Sheriff, Governor or President or other top administrator and you are developing a policy/procedure or law that will make the prison system safer for staff and inmates alike. Sounds pretty broad, well that it because it is. You will need to have an issue that you personally feel that matters. Opinions do not matter I want fact and data as to why you feel your issue has merit. Your first few pages should develop that idea Then you lay out your idea and the goal of that idea, what is the end point of your policy. Then you discuss how you will implement it and receive feedback on your plan to see if it working.

Here some things to keep in mind, you are allowed to use any source you wish as long as it is a reputable source, no Wikipedia. Also block quotes or graphs/pictures that take up more than a third of the page do not count for the total page count. A cover pages is required and doesn’t count towards the page count and a work cited page is required and doesn’t count towards the page count. I want your content your ideas, your data supports it.

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Making the Prison System Safer
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Making prison system safer
Technology plays a significant role in the world we live in today. A technique is applied in
so many areas or sections to improve the normal functioning of any system. So many nations have
realized great influences of technology in today’s life. However, we need to work on the judicial
system that requires people to focus on developmental issues and other protective factors. The
technique can be applied in our society today to improve all the operations in all the systems.
Concerning the paper, we are going to look the several ways we can implement to make prison’s
Technology is a significant element that can be involved in making all the prison systems
safer. It plays a critical role in improving how a state or the local criminal justice system operates.
All the systems need to be made safer and making people able to report all sorts of cases that
evidence in local societies. Some people do not say some of the facts; however, if all the prison
systems are made safer, people will find it easy to publish all the instances despite their nature or
their cause.
Development of idea.
A lot needs to be done concerning the systems that are mostly used in all the prisons. Many
cases of sexual violence have been reported in most of the nations. Many researchers have
indicated that there are cases of sexual assault that are experienced in the world we are living in
today. There is a high rate of victimization and attacks that need to be controlled in the prison
systems (Clear, 2015). Most people have not been in a position to report such cases but have kept
those kinds of victimization for themselves.



This calls for proper handling and improvement of the operations of all prison systems to
make them safe. All court policies need to be built more harsh or strict to avoid exercises of
victimization which interfere with other people’s rights and freedom. All the sector need some
improvement to prevent those cases of victimization.
All prisons need to be safe and be made more human environments. Improving prison
system begins with me. Preventing the first contact with the justice or criminal issues requires us
to focus on pay attention to the developmental problems and all factors that are protective and
entail prevention of risks (Shames, 2015). There are cases of inmate misconduct and recidivism,
vices that need to be fought against or need to be done away with in all prisoners. Close evaluation
of all principles and policies that need to be embraced to avoid various issues from happening that
have resulted in such ills.
However, better principles need to be embraced to curb such issues. For instance, if proper
policies are adopted, there will be an effective intervention which produces more significant
reductions in recidivism. They reveal the harmful exercises that are carried out in prisons and show
the extent to which such practices affect court systems. Other challenges are experienced in court
systems like poor prison facilities. These facilities need to be improved since they have resulted in
cases of inmate misconduct. Better treatment for such matters ought to be sought. For instance,
people may decide to take part in programs that help in improving adjustments to cases of
Other issues or factors that lead to unsafe prison environments include; clutter, lack of
privacy and noise. All these can be recorded as a result of higher rates of violence and all types of
assaults. The entire prison environment needs to be improved. These poor conditions are not
favoring the employees and also the prisoners themselves. I believe that all prisoners have a right


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