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Find a news article pertinent to our class materials or discussion. Attach or embed a link to the article to your 1-2 page reaction paper. Papers without an actual article attached or linked will not be graded.

Briefly summarize the article and discuss how it relates to a concept or theory presented in class. You must offer a critical analysis of how the criminological concept or theory can be applied to the “real world” situation. In your critique, you may find support for the theory, or the real world example may refute the theory. Either way, you must provide your informed opinion of and reaction to the article. You must also broaden the context to other similar situations. In other words, what should we do with this information? What are the implications for crime control?

This paper should follow APA standards and all regular formatting requirements (12-point, Times New Roman Font, proper grammar and paragraph structure).

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Criminological Concepts
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Criminological theory refers to those studies that help in understanding crime, criminals
and their pervert behaviors (Bonger, 2015). It is only by understanding reasons as to why certain
people commit crimes that it becomes possible to fight them and in some cases help the
individual. Some crimes done repeatedly, and through criminological concepts, it is possible to
understand the patterns and why they are happening. These theories have been in existence for
many years and helped in solving crimes for instance, by nurturing equipped professionals who
deal with crime.
On March 11, 2019, an article was published in the New York Times dubbed “Hate
Crimes Carried Out by Woman.” It focused on violence committed by a black individual against
white citizens. The black woman claimed to hate white people and would attack them and spray
pepper spray on them. A man and his wife were attacked while on shopping by a black woman,
and a similar case was reported the next day in the same neighborhood. More similar attacks
took place, and the descriptions matched those of the previous culprit. It was at a time when
there was an increase in hate crime all over the city. The police henceforth had to act quickly and
arrest those involved. Later, they arrested a black woman who matched the one given from the
crime scene. The woman had previously engaged in other crimes, and this made it possible for
the police to identify her as a suspect for the crimes committed. She was charged and arraigned
in court, where she was set to be released on a bond of thirty thousand USD.
In such a scenario, very informed criminologists had to be engaged to critically analyze
the crime and come up with ways to deal with it. Considering the increase in hate crime that was
being reported, the authorities may have feared a reaction from the public accusing them of
neglect. People at times expect clear answers about human behaviors from p...

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