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Complete each section of the Problem/PICOT/Literature (PPL) Worksheet for the clinical PICOT question: Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI).

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Chamberlain College of Nursing NR439 PPL Worksheet Problem/PICOT/Literature Search (PPL) Worksheet Name:______________________________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________________________________ Criteria Clinical Nursing Practice Problem Identify one quality or safety clinical priority area from the assignment guidelines practice scenario. Summarize the independent clinical nursing practice problem/issue you believe is the most important. Summarize your rationale (why) for choosing the problem. Clinical PICOT Question Using the AAACN Template for Asking PICOT Questions located in #5 of the assignment guidelines, write out your PICOT question. You must use one type of question from the AAACN template. PICOT Elements Identify each of the elements for your PICOT. P- (Patient or population): I- (Intervention/Issue): C- (Comparison with other treatment/current practice): O- (Measurable outcome): T- (Time Frame): Evidence Retrieval Process Using only the Chamberlain College of Nursing library, locate an original report/article NR439 PICOT Worksheet 3/2019 ST 1 Chamberlain College of Nursing NR439 PPL Worksheet of a single nursing study published from a nursing source/journal within the last 10 years that is relevant to your chosen nursing practice problem/issue. Provide a complete APA reference to the study and the permalink. *Meta-analysis, Metasynthesis, Systematic Reviews should not be used. Implications of Literature Evidence Summarize how the study is relevant to your chosen clinical nursing practice problem/issue. Summarize why you believe the nursing evidence-based practice committee should focus their next research study on this practice problem. Literature Search Terms Identify 4 (or more) relevant searchable terms you used for your search for literature. Literature Search Strategies List 4 (or more) relevant search strategies you used to narrow/limit your search for literature. NR439 PICOT Worksheet 3/2019 ST 2
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