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Pick 4 of any of the movie listed and write a critical review

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Extra Credit Guidelines and Opportunities There will be several opportunities for extra credit that can add to your final grade. Two extra credit assignments will add one point to your final grade. You are allowed to complete four extra credit assignments which could potentially add up to two points to your final grade. These will be announced via Blackboard, email, or in class. You must write a full one page report on the film. It must be typed 12 pt., double spaced, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins. You must submit it on Turnitin by 11:59pm on Friday, April 26th Content: Include the title of the film, a summary (i.e. major points), and your critical analysis/reflection of it. The critical analysis should be the bulk of your report. We are more interested in hearing about what you learned than the summary. However, we should be able to tell that you actually watched the film by reading your summary. No plagiarism of summaries. If you do not complete this thoroughly and accurately, your extra credit will not be counted. All extra credit work must be turned in by 11:59pm on Friday, April 26th. Approved Opportunities Netflix: 13th Miss Representation Feminists: What Were They Thinking? Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock Reversing Roe Growing up Coy Three Generations The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson Code: Debugging the Gender Gap She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry YouTube: The Mask You Live In Iron Jawed Angels Real Women Have Curves Bend it Like Beckham Pariah Amazon: The Business of Being Born Intersexion: Gender Ambiguity Revealed Rent: The Hate You Give Black Klansman RBG Theaters The Best of Enemies
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1. Miss Representation

Miss Representation film is an inspirational documentary, which assists teenage girls in
knowing their values in the media. The documentary centers on how individuals treat women in
television, movies, and music. The movie points out to all young women as a way of inspiring
them positively to be talented and influential in everything. Various women view themselves as
objects rather than as women; thus self-objection had become an issue for women countrywide.
This way, girls/women with self-objection suffer lower confidence, eating disorders, depression,
and cognitive issues. In the United States, women do not take part in politics or leadership as
opposed to men. However, the film encourages them to be different and become leaders and stop
exposing their bodies and skin. The movie also reveals how men hold privileges as well as how
individuals treat women as second-class citizens. The entire generation of women has a very low
likelihood of running offices and businesses as the media is changing this generation.
After watching the documentary, I had a feeling that I am not safe living in this type of
society where individuals lack fear for young women. What I learned from the film is that
women there is mistreatment of women in the United States as opposed to men. The shocking
thing in the film is the percentage of victims of rape where the majority are under the age of 12years of 15% rape survivors. The film has altered my view of knowing t...

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