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Using Evidence to Support an Argument

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Instructions: In class, we discussed the different types of evidence (examples, statistics, testimonials) that can be used to support an argument. For this activity, you to start to develop your argument for the final paper (i.e., the written persuasive appeal) by locating different types of evidence that support your argument. Refer to class notes from Unit 8 (Logos) to help you complete this activity.

Before beginning the activity, visit the Final Paper folder on eCampus and pick the topic that you will argue for in your final paper. The potential topics are listed on the Written Persuasive Appeal Instructions document. Once you choose a topic, complete the following steps:

  • Based on your topic, write a one-sentence thesis statement about the position you will argue in your final paper. Make sure it corresponds with one of the three provided topics.
  • For EACH of the three types of evidence we discussed in class (examples, statistics, and testimonials), find one source that fits that type of evidence (e.g., for statistics, X% of people are influenced by this or Y program costs x amount of dollars; for examples, describe a story or theoretical piece that illustrates a viewpoint; for testimonial, find an interview or the actual words/opinion of a stakeholder). Academic articles, books, and primary documents are all great sources. Newspapers and editorials can also be used, but be selective. Each source must be relevant to your position on your final paper topic.
  • Provide detail about each of the three sources you find. You can (and are encouraged) to use quotes from your articles/books (provided you cite the page number), but you are required to interpret this quote in your own words. Additionally, indicate how this type of evidence will be useful in supporting your argument.
  • Provide a citation for each of the three sources using APA 6th edition format. Visit for clarification on APA style.

Organization tip: Consider organizing this assignment by each of the three sources. Specifically, provide the citation for the source and then under the citation answer the questions about that source before moving on to the next source.


attached you will find the topics and the notes

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Using Evidence to Support an Argument
Using Evidence to Support an Argument
Using Evidence to Support an Argument
Using Evidence to Support an Argument

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Paper Topics: You must create and support an argument/claim based on ONE of the following topics. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Should marijuana be legalized? Should prostitution be legalized? Should euthanasia be legalized? Should higher education be free for all students? Should college athletes be paid? Should governments be permitted to use the death penalty? Argue for or against a specific source of energy (e.g., coal, solar, nuclear, etc.). What should role should the United States play in the war on terror? Should presidential elections continue to be decided by the Electoral College? Should companies be allowed to test their products on animals? Should experimental cloning be permitted? Should scientists be allowed to genetically design/modify children prior to birth? Should US law enforcement be permitted to engage in torture, or “enhanced interrogation?” Should individuals be allowed to utilize alternative/homeopathic medicines? Should professional athletes be allowed to utilize performance enhancing drugs? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Should GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) be used in food production? Argue for or against the morality of placing animals into zoos. Should 21 years of age remain the legal drinking age? Should gambling be legal? Should recycling be mandated by law? Should children be allowed to play contact sports? Should firearms be more rigorously regulated? Should the minimum wage be altered? Should American citizens have access to universal healthcare? Is it ethical to lie to children regarding the existence of Santa Claus? Should tobacco be legal? Is climate change occurring, and is it influenced by humans? Argue for or against the censorship of controversial material in media. Should parents vaccinate their children? Should the US government continue to fund NASA and pursue space exploration? Other (must obtain approval from instructor) ...
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Should Marijuana be legalized?
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Should Marijuana be legalized?
The topic on the legalization of marijuana is a heated subject with each side having its
viewpoint for its position. Pot is a drug from the cannabis plant that is used in many forms with
multiple people particularly youths. It has adverse effects on the human physical body, and
psychological well-being. Franz and Frishman (2016) indicate that marijuana causes several lifethreatening illnesses such as lung, and heart diseases to the users and secondhand smokers. As
for the psychological problems, pot is associated with mental issues. Examples of are psychosis,
bipolar illness, and suicidal thinking. Additionally abusing this drug causes behavior problems.
Morse and Flory (2015) proclaim that it impairs ones intellectual thinking and causes disorderly
behaviors, reckless actions, and disruptive behavior disorder. Nevertheless, some people support
the legalization of weed...

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