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The name of the book to use is "Fundamentals of Biostatistics" Seventh Edition

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Discussion 1
Please choose one of the nonparametric methods below.  Then, identify a peer-reviewed journal article that highlights the construct.  Compose a post in which you summarize and evaluate the method’s use in the research study.

  1. a.  Nonparametric methods:
  2. b.  Sign test
  3. c.  Wilcoxon signed-rank test
  4. d.  Wilcoxon rank-sum test
  5. e.  Mann-Whitney U test

Discussion 2

Please review the “Cancer, Endocrinology” case scenario on pages 510-511.  Identify and explain at least two regression/correlation constructs in the case scenario.  Then describe the steps you would take to analyze this scenario.  Please explain each step by indicating your rationale

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