Challenges of Recruitment and Selection Paper

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In a 7- to 9- page report to the VP, address the following:

Analyze three challenges (e.g., legal, ethical, moral, and operational) related to recruitment and three challenges associated with selection.

  • Include a balance of information on both internal and external challenges, and explain how these challenges impact recruitment and selection.
  • Explain the impact of failing to address these challenges on human resource functions and hospital performance management.
  • Recommend sustainable strategic and tactical approaches to address the challenges associated with internal and external factors that affect recruitment and selection.

Describe a strategic approach for each factor you identified and explain how this strategy will help mitigate the potential challenges inflicted by the particular internal or external challenges. Include best practices from other industries (e.g., information technology, hospitality) in your recommendation.

  • Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of various recruitment sources and selection methods.
  • Explain how information from other industries can inform recruitment and selection in the health care industry.
  • Identify at least two recruitment sources that the human resource department should use and evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Identify at least two candidate selection processes that the human resource department should use and explain which is most effective and why.

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Recruitment and Selection
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Recruitment generally refers to the attracting, shortlisting, selection and appointment
process of the, most appropriate for a temporally or permanent job in an organization. This process
can also be said to be the process which is responsible for choosing individuals for a voluntary
position. The responsible individuals such as managers, recruitment specialists and human
resource managers are competent for carrying out the choice of candidate. In some individual
cases, the employment agencies or recruitment agencies and specialists are mostly used in the
public sectors to undertake the selections and recruitment of successful candidates (Münstermann,
Eckhardt & Weitzel, 2010). In the recent past, the use of internet technologies in the recruitment
process has become more common in both the public and the private sector.
In human resource management, the selection process can be referred to as the screening
process. Moreover, the selection process can be said to be the process which involves separating
or picking human resource or individuals who are relevant and have qualified to fill in a gap in the
job market of an organization. The primary goal of this process is to choose the right personnel
who are in a position to perform the job more successfully in a pool of numerous qualified
candidates. Selection is the process that comes immediately after the recruitment process has ended
and the applications have been well received (Sekiguchi, 2014).
The recruitment and the selection process faces several challenges which are influenced both by
the internal factors and external factors in an organization. Some of the problems that faces these
two critical human resource processes include legal, ethical, operational and moral challenges.
The legal challenges that the recruitment and the selection process comprises abiding by the law
and avoiding discrimination. Most of the recruitment and selection panels are not capable of
matching the job descriptions with the candidate’s qualifications (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart &
Wright, 2017). This is among the internal factors which are affecting the recruitment and the

selection process in an organization. Unfair and unequitable recruitment and selection process
are also among the legal and civil challenge that affects the recruitment of candidate and even the
selection process.
Balancing of gender and also the consideration of the ethnic group balance in the
recruitment process also is an internal and a challenge which affects most recruitment process.
This is as a result of the recruitment panelists being racists and gender biased. Fairly conducted
interviews and selection process should include well thought and prepared questions which are
expected to test the qualification and the ability of the candidates. Another legal challenge that is
affecting the selection and recruitment process in an organization is that panelist does not take
keynote during interviews and hence fails to identify the best of all in the pool of...

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