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Case Management Plan

In this final assignment, you will demonstrate your understanding of direct services to various client populations by creating a Case Management Plan using a fictional scenario. Before getting started, review and select one of the fifteen brief scenarios identified in Chapter 1 (under Exercise 1: Case Management) of the textbook. As part of this assignment, you are to imagine that you are a case manager who has been assigned to provide assistance to the individual depicted in your chosen scenario. Your task will be to prepare a written plan that outlines how you intend to incorporate the critical features of the case management process. You will also need to consider various practical components that are related to the different steps of the case management process.

Your assignment will consist of completing the two sections identified below. Please be sure to address all content areas within each section. In addition to the course text, use a minimum of three scholarly and/or credible full-text resources from the Ashford University Library to support your statements and examples. Do not use websites for this assignment. Watch the Quick ‘n’ Dirty (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. tutorial if you would like an overview of the research process and how to conduct a database search in the Ashford University Library.

Section I: Client Description
In no more than one page, provide a detailed description of your client. This description must include

  • Demographic information.
  • The population (e.g., older adults, members of the LGBT community, the mentally ill, substance abusers, victims of domestic violence, etc.) reflected in the case example selected (there may be more than one population, depending on your examination of the client’s situation).
  • Issues and challenges that require the need for case management services.
  • Factors that contribute to the client’s issues and challenges.

If your selected scenario does not contain all of this information, you are welcome to create additional content to provide a more detailed picture of the client’s situation.

Section II: Case Management Processes and Skills
In seven to eight pages, you will appraise each of the major areas and skills of the case management process as they relate to providing direct services to your client. The following areas must be included in this section:

  • Initial Interview and Assessment:
    • Summarize main functions and purposes of your first meeting with the client, tasks you will perform, and how you will use social history and assessment forms in creating a detailed picture of your client’s needs.
    • Evaluate the role of the strengths-based approach, including what it is, how you will use it in assessment, and descriptions of one to two examples of its application from scholarly and/or credible sources.
    • Explain the significance of appropriate documentation within the assessment phase.
  • Planning:
    • Summarize main functions and purposes of the planning phase, one to two specific best practice interventions that you will examine and propose to address the client’s challenge(s), and one to two examples of their application from scholarly and/or credible sources.
    • Explain the significance of appropriate documentation within the planning phase.
  • Linking:
    • Summarize the main functions and purposes of linking the client to necessary resources and specific referrals that you will need to make to implement your plan of treatment/intervention.
    • Explain the significance of appropriate documentation when making referrals and linking the client to services.
  • Monitoring and Termination:
    • Summarize the main functions and purposes of monitoring the client’s progress and specific ways in which you intend to monitor the client.
    • Summarize the main functions and purposes of terminating the professional relationship and tasks that you will perform as part of the termination phase with the client.
    • Explain the significance of appropriate documentation when monitoring and terminating services.

The Case Management Plan (Ashford University Library)

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Case Management Plan
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Case Management Plan
A Case management plan can be expressed as the comprehensive plan which is for

individual clients which describe the problems which the client faces as well as the needs and
desires of such client based on the findings of the assessment by the client. In addition, it entails
the strategies which are made up of various treatments and interventions which can be instituted
with the meaning of dealing with the problems and the needs of the client. Moreover, the case
management plan has measurable goals which include the specific outcomes which need to be
attained and demonstrate the solutions to the challenges and problems of the client. It is worth
noting that the timeframes set for attaining such objectives depend on the resources which are
available and which can be utilized in coming up with a solution and the client's desires and the
impact it will have on the entire plan. In this case, I will come up with a plan that details how I
intend to slot in serious features that are concerning the case management process. In addition to
this, the paper will also consider various realistic components that are linked to the diverse steps
that mainly concern the process of case management.
Section I: Client Description
Demographic Information & Population
The client’s father is a 14-year-old daughter who according to him has been running the
streets and refusing to listen to him while also failing in her academics. The father in this
regards wishes to find a solution which will help him to become in good relations with his
daughter. Additionally, it is depicted that the mother of the girl died about four years ago and



their problems where he and the daughter began to fall apart from each other is when she was
about 12 years old.
Main Issues
The main issue therefore in this case which requires the management services is the
differences which exist between the daughter and the father. This is to say that with their
differences, there is a need to attain a healthy relationship at home where they will be in the
position of communicating with each other and most importantly understand each other better.
Factors Contributing to such Issues
It can be denoted that the factors which have contributed to this problem are the fact that
the father to the 14-year-old daughter perceives that he must work at all costs and therefore not
there for her daughter most of the time (Media, 2014).
Section II: Case Management Processes and Skills
Initial Interview and Assessment
Functions & Purpose of First Meeting
The main functions and the purpose of meeting with the client are to ensure that the case
is understood thoroughly before the girl is brought for counseling and other activities which are
deemed to be necessary for the reunion and development of a good relationship with the father.
This will as well leads to the development of a very effective solution. (Berens & Weed, 2018).
The task which will be performed is to ask various questions pertaining to the immediate
events which led to the daughter developing such behavior. This includes seeking to understand



the social history of the daughter which will be used in analyzing the circumstances which might
have also contributed to her behavior (Berens & Weed, 2018). In creating a detailed picture
concerning the need of my client, I will use assessment and social history because it will aid in
coming up ...

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