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  1. Jane Elliott created prejudice among the students in her elementary school classroom in one week. Watch the footage of her classic 1968 demonstration. To view footage of this video, click the following link and watch and except from the documentary A Class Divided. The study starts at about 3:20 minutes into the episode and runs until about 17:50 if you want to be selective in your viewing and not watch the entire 55 minute episode.
  1. Write a brief essay in which you explain what what happened in what has come to be known as the Blue-eyed, Brown-eyed demonstration using the theories and terminology you have learned. Make at least five connections with the social psychological research on stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. Please bold or underline the concepts so you can be sure you cover the required amount. These concepts are often bolded or italicized terms in the chapter. Be specific. For each concept, you will need to define the social psychological concept in your own words and explain how it is seen in the brown-eyed, blue-eyed demonstration. In addition, you may include any other thoughts you have on her study.

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Jane Elliott utilizes both ethos and pathos in communicating with her students as she tries
to illustrate the value for unity and harmony. She brings in a very strong message of treating
others as one would like to be treated. She always aspired not only to educate academically but
also inspire her students to life after school. One of the most important lines by Elliott is ‘treat
everyone as you would like to be treated.’ Her message resonated with most of her peers as she
always stood for unity and encouraged her students to be role models to the divided society. In
spite of the young age, the students appeared to like Elliott's remarks as they always tried...

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