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Using your login information, sign in to the SHRM website and do a search on one of the topics below. From the results, choose an article to read and briefly describe the topic in one or two paragraphs:

  • Global competition
  • Offshoring
  • Multinational workforce
  • Immigration reform
Oct 1st, 2015

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Global Competition for Skilled Labor

  There has been a lot of competition for skilled labor from different countries and among different industries. However, a survey done in 2011 indicated that this competition has been on decline in the U.S. Most of this competition is from European countries. However skilled immigrants prefer to work in the U.S as compared to European countries. Most immigrants view U.S as having an improved labor and a better economy as compared to most European countries. Competition for the human resources, particularly skilled labor, is more common among large organizations. High-tech industries are the leaders in demand for skilled immigrant workers. The large organizations and high-tech industries lead in the global competition for skilled labor due to the high number of workers required to fill different positions.

  According to a survey done in 2012 by society for human resource management (SHRM), 13% of organizations are facing global competition in filling positions for skilled personnel (Maurer, May 4th, 2013). Almost a quarter of these organizations hire workers outside the U.S. About 24% of the organizations experiencing the global competition for skilled workers are multinationals.


Maurer, R. (2013). SHRM Poll: Global Competition for Skilled Workers Fell from 2011. Retrieved on 2nd October 2015 from

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Oct 2nd, 2015

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Oct 1st, 2015
Oct 1st, 2015
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