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Hi, please read the following instructions thoroughly , and make sure to include all the steps below. My topic for this assignment is ( Renewable Energy). As I want this paper in MLA format including the MLA citations in the Works Cited page. Please make sure that the citations are cited correctly. You will choose 5 sources about renewable energy from your choice. Also take a look at the attached sample paper to know how its going to be. thanks.

, you will construct a full sentence alphanumeric outline. Prior to writing your outline, you should consider the following pre-outline questions/steps:

  1. Summarize and cite your sources using the rhetorical summary model as a guide. Zero in on the key issues each source reveals and the author’s position on each issue.
  2. Step back and see the key issues that the sources’ arguments reveal when the bigger picture emerges as a result of your synthesis. These key issues are the repeated topics of concern raised by your sources, the intersections/connections, points of agreement, and/or the points of contradictions you have discovered.
  3. With each key issue the big picture reveals, note any subtopics within the key issues, highlight examples, paraphrase source material, and sparingly use quotes that provide detail.
  4. Now you’re ready to write your thesis and organize your material by key issues.

The following suggested steps will help you to present the intended content of your literature review and organize that content in a logical, coherent manner:

  1. Begin with a centered working title for your Project 3 Literature Review
  2. Construct your thesis, the sentence or two that reveals the current state of knowledge on your topic: the overarching focus of your literature review
  3. Write topic sentences that introduce at least 4 major key issues. Label these major key issues as Roman Numerals (I, II, III, IV)
  4. List any key issue subtopics that subdivide the major key issues further. Label these key issue subtopics in capital letters (A, B, C, etc.)
  5. Note supporting points or arguments as evidence (examples, paraphrased material, brief quotes) for each key issue. Label this evidence in Alpha numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.).
  6. If applicable, continue to sub-divide each supporting point until your outline is fully developed. Label any subdivisions in lower case letters (a, b, c, etc.).

Helpful Hints

You want to identify at least 4 key issues (and subsequent sub-issues if they exist) so that you have enough material related to the current state of thinking on your research topic.

Try to be as complete as you can in the details you provide (examples, paraphrased material, brief quotes) from your source material. By being thorough, you will have (1) more information to draw from, (2) an organization pattern to follow, and (3) a solid reference guide to transfer to the writing of your literature review.

While you want to quote from the research when the way something is said is unique and critical to the understanding of the argument, be careful not to overquote or use long or block quotes; otherwise.

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1 The Immigration Crisis in Europe I. Introduction. A. Thesis: Europe is currently facing the consequences of the failed integration of immigrants in Europe. The factors that are contributing to the crisis are in the form of culture, faith and immigration policies. Possible solutions are presented in II. Faith and multiculturalism. A. Topic sentence: Native citizens of Europe and immigrants, specifically from Middle Eastern backgrounds, have different values, beliefs and faiths. B. Purpose: To study the clash between European secular values and faith with the Islamic faith and culture. C. Evidence: a. Malik Kenan • ‘Instead of accepting North Africans as full citizens, French policy has tended to ignore the racism and discrimination they have faced. Many in France view its citizens of North African origin not as French but as Arab or Muslim. But second-generation North Africans are often as estranged from their parents' culture and mores—and from mainstream Islam—as they are from wider French society. They are caught not between two cultures, as it is often claimed, but without one. As a consequence, some of them have turned to Islamism, and a few have expressed their inchoate rage through jihadist violence’. b. Driss Habti • Driss habit states that the western education in Europe and secular and civil society practices affects the postimmigration generation of immigrants which as a result, sets them apart from their parents and leaves them with no culture. III. The consequences of the failed integration. A. Topic sentence: The failure in integrating immigrants has caused many problems to the nation. B. Purpose: To study the effects of uncontrolled and unintegrated waves of immigrants on Europe. C. Evidence: a. Adam Shaw • Adam Shaw states that conservatives and populists have warned the European nations from the consequences of welcoming large waves of uncontrolled Muslim immigrants to Europe. Places where immigrants were 2 welcomed are said to have large levels of crime and are considered no-go zones. b. David Patrikarakos • Davis Patrikarakos states that the large waves of immigrants entering Europe has enriched the people smugglers in the process. IV. A glimpse of hope. A. Topic sentence: Within the troubled nation of Europe, a small island presents a possible solution. B. Purpose: To study the rare cases where immigrants are integrated. C. Evidence: a. David Patrikarakos • ‘The answer may lie on the tiny Greek island of Tilos, close to Turkey. Tilos has a population of only about 500, but it is now hosting over 50 refugees, 100 over the course of this year so far – 20% of the population. And, thanks to a few simple initiatives, the refugees have not only been integrated but enabled. They are making a positive social and financial contribution to the island’. b. SolidarityNow • SolidarityNow is an NGO that is based in Greece. SolidarityNow is responsible for integrating immigrants in Tilos through their programs. V. Politics and Immigration Policies. A. Topic sentence: The immigration policies in Europe along with the European politicians have contributed to the failed integration process. B. Purpose: To study the effects of politicians and immigration policies on the coexistence of immigrants and natives. C. Evidence: a. Sasha Polakow-Suransky • ‘The fear that has become pervasive in many European countries and in the United States about Muslim immigrants, about refugees, about terrorism, is misplaced—which is not to say that there is not a threat from Muslim fundamentalists, or that there is not a problem with absolute and uncontrolled immigration’. b. Malik Kenan • Malik Kenan states that to solve this crisis, the first step that Europe should consider is separating the diversity as a lived experience from multiculturalism as a political process. VI. Conclusion. 3 A. The faith and cultural clash, along with the politicians and immigration policies, contributed to the failed integration process in many ways which as a result created many negative consequences. B. Future areas of research a. Possible solutions to this crisis and how can the immigration policies improve in order to accommodate the needs of both immigrants and natives. b. How can different cultures and religions live in coexistence and preserve their identities in the process? Work Cited. Habit, D (2014). The religious aspects of Diasporic Experience of Muslims in Europe within the crisis of Multiculturalism. Policy Features in Education. 4 Malik, K. (2015). The Failure of Multiculturalism. Foreign Affairs, 94(2), 21–32. Retrieved from: 961098&db=aph Patrikarakos, D (2017). Europe has failed to integrate its refugees – but one tiny Greek island succeeded. Retrieved in 10/14/2018, from: The Guardian. Shaw, A (2018). Angela Merkel admits that 'no-go zones' exist in Germany. Retrieved in 11/04/2018, From: Fox News. SolidarityNow Timsit, A (2017). ‘Things could get very ugly’ following Europe’s refugee crisis. Retrieved in 10/14/2018, from: the Atlantic. 5
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Surname 1
Project 3
Renewable energy


A. Thesis: As a result of increased environmental pollution, different nations have come up
with strategies to reduce the pollution while meeting the energy needs of their citizens.
One of such strategies is the use of renewable energy, which is the use of energy that is
collected from energy sources that replenished naturally human timescale. In this
exercise, I will discuss these renewable energy sources in detail.

Solar energy

A. Topic sentence: solar energy is one of the major sources of renewable energy, and it
is obtained from sunlight.
B. Purpose: To study the effectiveness of solar energy, how it is applicable, its
advantages and disadvantages.
C. Evidence:
a) Kabir,

‘The development of novel solar power technologies is considered to be one
of many key solutions toward fulfilling a worldwide increasing demand for
energy. Rapid growth within the field of solar technologies is

Surname 2
nonetheless facing various technical barriers, such as low solar cell
efficiencies, low performing balance-of-systems (BOS), economic hindrances
(e.g., high upfront costs and a lack of financing mechanisms), and institutional
obstacles (e.g., inadequate infrastructure and a ...

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