Amy's Donuts Vs. Tim Horton's Privacy Issues And Workplace Ethics

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Ethics in the Workplace

  • After researching the company, decide on how corporate culture views the relationship with employees as Intrinsically motivated or Instrumentally motivated.
  • Discuss any conflicts of interest that may arise between the various stakeholders in each company.
  • Have their been any privacy issues in the past with the selected companies?
    • If so, then please detail the reaction and any steps the companies could have taken to better resolve the problem.
    • If not, then please identify potential issues that could arise with technology at the job site or with activities on off hours.

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Running head: RESTAURANTS


Amy's Donuts and Tim Horton
Jamie Williams
Business Ethics
Hevel, Diahn
January 24, 2019


Amy Donuts

Amy’s Donuts is one of the most creative doughnuts outlets. It is well known for its
dedication to offering its customers the best services in the country. There are over 120 different
flavors that every customer can select from. The flavors include Nutella, Amy’s Almond Joy,
maple bacon and Crumb (Modesit, 2017). As a food distributor, Amy Donuts has concentrated
on attracting and retaining its customers amidst the tight competition. This store was opened in
Colorado by a couple named, Amy and Chin Kim four years ago (Edelen, 2018). Since then, they
have offered their customers the best and continuous services which lead to their opening two
new stores in Tuscon and Columbus. Amy Donuts distribute their products to residents, travelers
and any other person dropping by. Each company only has a couple employees and they value
their work ethic and dedication to their company.
Tim Horton fast-food restaurant
Tim Horton restaurants famed for its delicious coffee and doughnuts. In 1964, the very
famous hockey player Tim Horton decided to start this joint in Hamilton Ontario. He partnered
with Ron Royce who helped him expand the restaurant into a successful business. Tim Horton
restaurants specialist in some things including Doughnuts, coffee, bagels, muffins, soups,
Timbits, and sandwiches. With over 100,000 employees, Tim Horton’s serves a wide range of
customers and distributes its products all over the United States and other international outlets
like the UK and Ireland.
Comparison: Similarities and Differences
The similarities between Tim Horton and Amy Donuts both Amy's Donuts and Tim
Horton are classified in the restaurant industry since their main products are food



(Hudson, & Fridell, 2013) . This means that they share the same type of stakeholders. The other
similarity between the two is that they both serve a variety of products under one roof. Also, both
of them were started small and later expanded into flourishing businesses. It is clear that both
apply very useful strategies that have enabled them to expand into other areas. Such an
observation means that these businesses have a good relationship with their stakeholders. It is
clear that m, both businesses have been very helpful in the economy because of offering
employment opportunities. Another similarity is that both are open 365 days a year and work on
The differences include the time of establishment and scale of operation. Amy Donuts is
only four years old which makes it one of the new businesses in the industry. Tim Horton’s, on
the other hand, was established in 1964 making it one of the most experienced businesses in the
industry (De La Marced, & Austen, 2014). Due to its size, Tim Horton’s has more stakeholders
than Amy Donuts. The other difference is that Amy Donuts is closer to its stakeholders because
of its small size. It encourages the contribution of both the consumers and the employees in
coming up with creative and innovative ideas for the improvement of the products. A difference
between the two is that Amy’s Donuts is closed at night, while most Tim Horton’s is open 24
hours a day 7 days a week.
Benchmark 2
Organizational culture relates to the beliefs and morals that have been in existence for
long in organizations, and also refers to the beliefs the staff hold and the value of their role that
can alter their attitudes and mode of behaving (Vats, 2014).The management of any organization
normally adjusts their managerial and leadership behaviors to achieve the culture of their



organization, which can include principle-based decisions making and to accomplish the
company’s vision and mission statements (Northouse, 2018). This paper aims to discuss the
culture and leadership of various organizations as well as to explain the model of CSR each
company discussed falls into.
The culture of each company
From the examples given of Amy’s doughnuts and Tim Horton fast-food restaurants, the
virtue of organizational culture is clearly illustrated. To start with, Amy’s doughnuts is depicted
as one of the most inventive doughnuts outlets and that it is known for its commitment to
offering its clie...

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