Type 2 diabetes Cost Effectiveness Analysis CEA Report Assignment

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Be sure to listen to the videos covering the topic of economic evaluation and complete the required readings before beginning this assignment.

Your assignment is to select a health care or public health-focused CEA. (MPH students, however, must choose a public health-focused CEA since this assignment satisfies a required program competency for their MPH degree.) After choosing your CEA, obtain a copy of the original CEA article. (Many will be available electronically through the WSU library.). You are welcome to use an article database such as PubMed to find a CEA that interests you, but I strongly suggest using the following link which will take you to Tufts Cost Effectiveness Analysis Registry as it includes an outline for most and often provides a “quality” score:


Keep in mind, that while the information I will be asking you to report is limited to the more general aspects of most CEAs, you may feel a particular article is just too difficult to interpret. For example, some of the analytical methodologies might be extremely challenging. If you feel that your originally chosen study is incomprehensible, simply choose another as there are literally thousands available. In some cases, you may want to look over a few to find one you would like to review.

As part of your report, include or list the following:

  1. Article citation
  1. Describe the program or policy alternatives being compared
  1. What was the outcome measure(s) of primary importance?
  1. Identify the target population(s)
  1. Briefly describe the costs (categories) included in the study. Were there any significant costs that were not included that the authors either acknowledged or you believe should have been included?
  1. Briefly describe the results?
  1. Was a sensitivity analysis done?
  1. How does the policy recommendation of the authors’ impact health equity?
  1. In your opinion, would you recommend that a decision be made based upon the quality of this analysis? Why or why not?

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Surname 1
Cost Effective Analysis (CEA)
Nerat, Tomaž, Igor Locatelli, and Mitja Kos. "Type 2 diabetes: cost-effectiveness of medication
adherence and lifestyle interventions." Patient preference and adherence 10 (2016):
Diabetes is a disease that has affected many people for a long time. Just like any other
disease, the cost of treating the condition usually is high. The aim of this study was to come up
with a cost-effective medication program, which is both affordable and effective. To achieve
this, various variables were compared during the study. The first policy of treatment investigated
involved medication adherence, while the second policy tested was following a strict diet
coupled with regular exercising.
The study revealed that using medication as an intervention strategy was more costeffective compared to observing a strict diet and exercising. In addition to this, the study
demonstrated that when using medication, the patient will have to incur additional costs since the

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