Selma Movie and Juvenile Behavior Essay

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After viewing the movie Selma write a five paragraph essay addressing the issue:

How to move juveniles from creating chaos (delinquent behavior) to creating positive change

This is an aspirational essay, it does not have to have concrete specifics, but it should show that you have read the assigned readings.

Additional instructions:

I have attached the template for writing the five paragraph social science essay. You are to use that format in writing your essay.

Introductory Paragraph

This should begin with the thesis sentence followed by at least three supporting arguments for your thesis statement.It should end with a concluding sentence.

Main Body (Paragraphs 2 - 4)

Each paragraph should discuss a separate argument raised in your thesis statement.The paragraph should begin by asserting the argument.You should then explain this argument and provide several examples for your explanation.

Concluding Paragraph

You should echo your thesis sentence (not necessarily restate the thesis sentence) and summarize your essay, i.e. - your arguments as conclusions.

Other Comments

The five-paragraph essay:

  • Provides an opportunity to strengthen writing skills, particularly in the organization of information.
  • If done correctly, it provides a brief, yet concise and coherent discussion on a particular topic.
  • Serves as the basis for longer written pieces.
Common Student Mistakes

1.Failure to indicate the subject of the essay by indicating the topic (or assigned subject) on the paper.

It is a nuisance for the Professor to have to refer back to their original assignment sheet to discern the required subject matter of your essay.As a practical matter, irritating the Professor at the beginning of the essay does not bode well for their review of the remainder of your essay.

2.Failure to put the thesis sentence at the beginning of the essay.

Writing in the social sciences is not intended to produce an entertaining narrative.While a well-written essay is always to joy to read, its purpose is primarily informational or analytical.Unlike fiction, literary analysis, or some types of discourses where the thesis sentence is located later in the document; in general, in the social sciences, the thesis statement goes at the beginning of the essay.In other words, you are expected to inform the reader at the beginning about the subject matter of your writing.You do not leave them guessing.

3.Failure to properly attribute sources.

Unless the thought itself comes entirely from your head, you must include a reference citation (either an endnote or footnote, depending on the style manual utilized).Whatever you may have learned previously, paraphrasing is still plagiarism, unless the origin of the thought is indicated.In other words when you put something “into your own words” you must still follow it with the appropriate citation.

For more information on source attribution, you should refer to the APA Manual (American Psychological Association Manual).

4.Failure to spend time on pre-writing organization.

The actual writing of the essay is the next to last step in the process.Before you begin to write, you must plan and organize your thoughts.This includes developing an outline.An outline prevents you from writing page long paragraphs merely because you did not take the time to organize your writing.Part of organization also includes elimination.

5.Failure to proof-read

The final step in the writing process is proofreading your document.The Professor should never be the first person to read your submission. After you have proofread your document for spelling, grammar, coherence, organization, etc., you should ask a classmate or fellow student to review your document.Peer review is an important part of the writing process.This does not mean that you will necessarily follow their suggestions, but often a third eye, will see things that your eyes may have missed.

6.Misuse or Over-reliance on Direct Quotations

Quotations should not be used to support or illustrate an argument.All they do is let the Professor know that you are able to copy.In those unusual circumstances where a direct quotation may be appropriate it should be included within a context that explains its relevance (in other words, don’t make the Professor guess why its there).In most instances, it is more appropriate to paraphrase, always of course including the citation for the source of the information paraphrased (see item #3 above).

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