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Unit 2: Marketing Plan Report 1


At the end of Unit 2, a 1600 word paper is due that summarizes your research with respect to one of the following topics:

  1. marketing ethics
  2. global marketing
  3. social media as a marketing tool

Your research can consist of article reviews, internet research, etc. You must not violate Park University’s guidelines with respect to plagiarism.

Submission Format

  • Your paper must follow APA format. Include a title page and a reference page. Name your file with your name, and paper 1 i.e. Jones paper 1 or Brown paper 1.
  • Your file should be in either Microsoft word (.doc or .docx) or rich text (.rtf) format.
  • Submit your paper to Turnitin via Canvas. Instructions are located here: How to submit a Turnitin Assignment (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  • Ensure the originality of your paper. Your originality report from Turnitin should not be higher than 15%.

Textbook: Basic Marketing By: William Perreault, Jospeh Cannon and Jerome McCarthy

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Global Marketing
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Global marketing involves restructuring and adjusting own company strategies and
structure to fit conditions of other countries globally this exposes the company to more
opportunities towards its growth and expansion as it is no longer limited to competition
within its locality but also internationally, it’s now basic to implement global marketing
since competition is being stiff day in day out because the majority of companies are now
doing it and is becoming a threat to those companies that have not implemented it. All this is
made possible via the internet, therefore, making the world to be a virtual small village
(Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011).
There are some specialists of marketing who enable global marketing itself and they
include the following;
✓ Market research analysts whose responsibilities is to collect data available in any
given platform provided it has anything to do with the foreign market.
✓ Internet marketing manager whose role is to be in charge of the business activities in
the internet
✓ Global marketing manager updates on the overseas market are here and also control
the company’s strategies and interests.
There are various ways of entering the global market which includes:

✓ Joint ventures: this mutual understanding of foreign and domestic investors both share
ownership control and investment of the firm.
✓ Licensing: this is whereas specific company gives a foreign country opportunity to
carry out their investment using the organization's name and everything under an
agreement, a license in this case.
✓ Alliances: here two or more bodies and work together towards the same target.




✓ U.S commercial centers: These centers have a responsibility to market US products to
the foreign market for export.
✓ Direct investment: an organization that involves two or more organization takes full
responsibility for the production and marketing of products.
✓ Exporting: products here are produced locally and their markets are sought in foreign
✓ Trade intermediaries: this are links between a producer is not in a position to access
foreign ma...

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