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when others offer an opposing view, try to

a. see the issue their way

b. rephrase their position in your own words

c. explore possible compromises they might accept

d. all of the above

Oct 4th, 2015

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c. explore possible compromises they might accept...............................................................................

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Oct 4th, 2015

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Oct 6th, 2015

writing technical documents differs from writing essay in all of the following except that

a. grammatical correctness is essential

b. the documents are often being written by teams

c. organizational politics can be involved

d. research often involves speaking with technical experts

when proofreading, do not

a. work from hard copy

b. work slowly

 c.proofread only once

d. take a break before proofreading your final document

which of the following is most accurate

a.revision gurantees improvement

b. no one step in the writing process ois complete until the whole is complete

c. always begin the writing process by brain storming

d.when drafting a document, you should write the introduction first

Oct 6th, 2015

choose the most accurate statement below about reviewing a team document.

a. offer only general comments when identifying weakness

b. begin with a positive comment before suggesting improvements

c. rewrite the entire document yourself if needed

d. dictate advice to the team

an effective strategy for global technical communication is to

a. avoid stereotyping

b. write with translation in mind

c. avoid slang and idioms

d. all of the above

the item used to describe a controlled form of observation designed to verify an assumption is an

a. elucidation

b. examination

c. experiment

d. analysis

Oct 6th, 2015

which of the following is valid

a.  key words and search phrases should be as general as possible

b. hard copy materials are still important sources of research

c. commercials sites never should be used as reliable sources of information as thet are inherently biased

d. a survey is an example of secondary research

all of the following statements a re valid except the following

a. social cues are not conveyed well in certain types of digital communication

b. conference calls are no longer used as a form of virtual communication

c. face-to -face meetings are still essential for personal contact

d. women who speak up in meetings are often perceived as too controlling, while men who do so are considered to be leadership-oriented

Oct 6th, 2015

everyday writing situations typically pose

a.persuation problems

b. collaboration and ethics problem

c.information problems

d. all of the above

when communicating with someone from another culture

a. use humor on first contact to break the ice

b. use humor only in face to face contact

c. always use humor to facilitate strong interpersonal skills

d. avoid humor

Oct 6th, 2015

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Oct 6th, 2015

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Oct 4th, 2015
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