Your Choice of a Renewable Energy Source

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Write a two pages reflection paper, include 3 references.

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Reflection Paper 7: Your Choice of a Renewable Energy Source It is possible to produce electricity by a variety of methods. In this chapter we have explored batteries, including the hydrogen fuel cell. We have also considered renewable or sustainable sources such as solar thermal, wind, water flow, and geothermal. Obviously, none of these renewable methods could be used to power an automobile, however, they all could be used to charge batteries. In addition, they have the advantage of not producing carbon dioxide. These renewable energy sources can also be used to heat and power our homes. Consider the following set of questions. • • • • Which of these renewable sources most appeals to you in terms of powering your automobile as well as heating and powering your home? What can the government, local or state or federal, do which would help motivate you to switch to one of these energy sources? What advantages does the method you have chosen in producing power compared to other methods including burning hydrocarbon fuels? What disadvantages does it have? Once you have researched your energy source and considered the above questions write a reflection paper (two pages) on the feasibility and likelihood of switching your energy dependence from hydrocarbon fuels to your renewable energy source. Use 3 references.
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Renewable Energy
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Renewable Energy

If I had to switch from the current energy source I use to heat and power my house to a
renewable energy source, I would choose solar thermal energy. Solar thermal technology is
different from the technology employing photovoltaic solar panels. In fact, solar thermal
technology uses sunlight. This technology captures and concentrates the light coming from
the sun to generate heat. Then, the produced heat is utilized to create electricity (Meckling et
al., 2018). Solar thermal power systems are equipped with collectors and use a heat transfer
liquid to produce steam. The steam becomes mechanical energy thanks to a turbine while a
generator utilizes the produced mechanical energy to generate electricity.
Energy is very important for all human beings because it helps fulfill the basic human
needs along with the projects to improve society (Shin et al....

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