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Edditing my paper and expand it one more page can you do it ? i have already wro

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Edditing my paper and expand it one more page can you do it ? i have already wrote it, this is the assignment below 

Each student is required to submit a finished formal mid-term paper no later than 6:00pm October 6th.

Submission will be electronic as a single MS Word (version 2007 or greater) file sent to the instructor’s email box . The paper must be written by the individual student, no group or team written papers will be accepted. Content and format requirements for the paper are:

  • ●  Review the video and transcript of the ‘Munk Debate on Mass Surveillance: Does State Spying Make Us Safer?’ held May 2, 2014. The video is located at ( and the transcript is available on the course Blackboard site,

  • ●  Provide your own opinions and impressions of the material presented,

  • ●  Incorporate suitable class material discussed in your discussion, as appropriate,

  • ●  Draw your own conclusions,

  • ●  The use of additional references is allowed but not required,

  • ●  Paper length must be from 8-12 pages,

  • ●  Students are required to use the IEEE/Computer Society “Transactions” format as a manual of writing

    style. See for a template of the Transactions format in MS Word that simultaneously explains the style manual. This writing format is a requirement for the Mid-Term paper along with proper English grammar and spelling. 

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