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Hello, I got not so good feedback from my Professor on my Informative Speech Outline. I was told that I need to: I have attached my outline that can be revised to make it more faster0

1. Stronger Introduction, that talks about Plastic Surgery

2. My Central Idea need to have 3 main points. I. The History of Plastic Surgery II. The Cause of Plastic Surgery III. Effects of Plastic Surgery. Also answer the question why do people get Plastic Surgery.

3. I need to have Three Main Points I, II, III, I need to have Sub points A, B, C and Sub Sup points 1,2,3

4. My conclusion need to have the three main points as well.

5. Must cite 4 sources.

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Name Speech 101 March 11, 2019 Beauty of Plastic Surgery Topic: Plastic surgery General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose Statement: To inform the audience about the beauty of plastic surgery. Central Idea/Thesis: Understanding the beauty of plastic surgery will help the audience to realize how they can maintain their appearance for personal benefits. Organizational Pattern: Topical Visual Aids Used: PowerPoint Introduction We’ve all heard the saying beauty is pain. But what do it really mean by the word pain? Plastic surgery is originated by an individual who wants to enhance their appearance or change a feature. It can be very challenging to go on about your everyday live, with unwanted features, such as wrinkle skin, droopy eyes, a bad face, funny shaped nose and permanent facial marks, this is how plastic surgery can provide a solution to those problems. 1. The aging process takes on all of us whether we like it or not at different points of our lives. • However, artificial means to control it when old age sets in before the expected time. • Environmental exposure and human genetics contributes to premature aging leaving individuals energetic but with sings of old age. 2. There is a need to maintain physical appearance. Individuals should act according to their inner strength instead of allowing physical appearance to set limits. 3. Plastic surgery is a solution to involuntary aging, and addresses emerging issues affecting man in the 21st century. This surgery provides the ability to boost confidence as well as participating in other life activities like socialization. Body I. There are more options for individuals who want to enhance their appearance and maintain a more youthful look as the aging process start. A. Aging makes people feel that wrinkles portray a disadvantage, resulting in less confidence in life. 1. This lowers esteem leading to the development of stress and depressions when individuals think of their future. 2. Younger people tend to be more active and participates in a number of activities while their aged are ignored thus there is need to stay young. B. People tend to pull away from daily activities like peer discussions and outings that they used to participate in following discrimination that they are subjected to. 1. Although a person can still have strength, age separates one from peers and daily activities as people will perceive physical signs of aging from a person. 2. This affects peer interaction and in some cases end in rejection and loneliness C. Plastic surgery allows people to think positively about life as they enjoy every bit of pleasure they should be getting in their lifetime (Cohn & Arosarena, 2019). 1. The absence of wrinkles and possession of experience bring positive feelings towards life as well as happiness. 2. Internal strength and personal confidence are rejuvenated through plastic surgery that conceals premature and unwanted aging. II. Appearance narrates a different story from internal strength in an individual as it brings the different expression of what one actually is. A. People are able to control how they age and control environmental as well as genetic influence in life. 1. The mirror can provide a piece of confliction information from what one feels internally based on the strength and age of a person. 2. Plastic surgery enables an individual to dictate aging signs that can be seen from their physical appearance. 3. A person may not exercise the full strength that they possess and suffer dejection from participation in activities that are important to one's life. This can lead to the development of stress and depression (Andry, Moliver & Phillips, 2019). Page 2 of 5 B. Results look natural and there is no sign of artificial application, unlike the general assumption that had been perceived in the society to condemn plastic surgery practices. 1. The procedure involves a professional practice that handles the skin with care and ensure that medical applications are involved therefore improving the personal experience. 2. The exercise focuses on a near natural practice returning a person to original young age through the application of technologically enhanced chemotherapy. People are able to age with grace according to their strength and work towards achieving their life dreams without feeling that they are actually old. III. Different genders try different techniques in plastic surgery to improve or enhance their features. 1. One can go according to their wills and avoid the unnecessary old age signs from beginning to show and allow them to appear when there is a need. 2. Plastic surgery boost appearance by allowing an individual to grow old when it is needed allowing adequate time for participation in peer activities as others do. 3. Ladies can be able to stay younger and remain attractive to men when they apply beauty therapy. Youthful looking women attracts compared to aging females. B. The desired look can be achieved through plastic surgery among both males and females. 1. Modifications can be applied to enhance appearance from the occurrence of the natural accident they may have left some parts of the body maimed (Chow et al, 2019). 2. Unwanted growth and dead skin are pricked off the skin as well as the development of attractive skin with even tone. C. Individuals attain the best grooming even at old age when that look younger compared to their mates who ignores the application of plastic surgery enhancers. 1. People are able to attain emerging beauty issues and stay current to the dynamic changes that society is experiencing as a result of technological advancements. 2. Enhanced appearance is professionally placed in an individual making one attractive. Professionals involved in the exercise issues catalogue to customers on surgery services offered. Page 3 of 5 Conclusion Overall, it may be said plastic surgery is a beauty aspect of enhancing appearance, boosting confidence and controlling how individuals age. This increases an individual’s ability to participate in peer activities, apply their internal strength actively and avoid stress and depressions arising from rejections and discrimination. Contrary to perceived beliefs that society has long held, this practice is important in all genders as it allows one to take an active part in life activities even when they tend to grow older than their appearance this can lead to the attainment of their life dreams and a happy, healthy life experience. I believe my speech about the beauty and benefits of plastic surgery encourage you to think differently about individuals who choose to have any procedures done. Page 4 of 5 References Cohn, J. E., & Arosarena, O. A. (2019). Perceiving Attractiveness and the Increasing Diversity in Facial Plastic Surgery. JAMA facial plastic surgery. Chow, I., Nguyen, V., Losee, J., Goldstein, J., Spiess, A., Solari, M., ... & Gusenoff, J. (2019). Milestones in Plastic Surgery. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 143(2). Cohn, J. E., & Arosarena, O. A. (2019). Perceiving Attractiveness and the Increasing Diversity in Facial Plastic Surgery. JAMA facial plastic surgery. Page 5 of 5 ...
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