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Five (5) secondary sources, Two (2) sources need to be from Scholarly Journals/Peer Reviewed Articles.

For a each article, include a quick overview (3-5 sentences) of each article and why/how it will be utilized in relation to the Marketing Research Question/Statement. Additionally, please cite each article in MLA Format.

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Marketing question and Hypothesis Marketing Question: The implementation of the Scan, Bag, and Go app will encourage customers to shop at Ralph’s more frequently over competing stores. H1: The Scan, Bag, & Go app will save shopping time for consumers. H2: The Scan, Bag, & Go app will enable coupons and savings to be tailored specifically to each consumer.
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Digital Marketing: Sources
Development of the Marketing Technology
In this research, the authors focus on some of the most innovative marketing approaches
that caused a stir in the marketing department. They highlight the development’s implications on
the ability to track orders and develop solutions relative to the changes in the inventory with
respect to the purchases made. In essence, the study sets the stage for understanding the critical
importance of technology to modern marketing efforts. Consequently, the research will help by
presenting a source of information on the trends that could ultimately have created a necessity
for a digital marketing approach.

Burke, Raymond R. ...

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