English Project Week 1 Lost In The Park Wrangell-st Elias National Park

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Prior to working on this essay, review the Week 1lectures on Writing about Place, Writing a Narrative Essay, and The Writing Process. The lectures provide necessary information that you will need to complete this essay.

Write a Narrative Essay about your connection to a place. The essay should be at least 500–750 words in length. Do your best to use APA formatting, double spacing, 12-point typeface, and a title page (see the APA Formatting lecture in Week 1).

Additional Guidelines:


For this writing assignment, you are creating a narrative that connects your own experiences to a particular place that has meaning to you.


Consider your audience to be your instructor and your classmates, who represent a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. Do not write an assignment for the English teacher. In this context, consider your instructor a member of your readership.


Narrative essays share a familiar structure. They have titles, introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions, but they also afford the writer a great deal of freedom and creativity to share your story in a way that is true to your experiences. Have some fun with this essay, but do keep in mind that you are in a college class, so your story should be appropriate for the context and the audience.

By the due date, post your essay in the Discussion Area below by attaching your draft into the response section. Critique two of your peers' rough drafts, using these guidelines:

  • Locate the essay’s thesis. Is it implied or explicitly stated? Does it establish a focus and purpose for the narrative?
  • Is each paragraph organized around one key point or idea? Do topic sentences clearly indicate the focus of each paragraph?
  • Does the author include sufficient supporting details and imagery? Do you have any suggestions for improvement

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Running head: LOST IN THE PARK


Lost in the Park
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‘Make memories while you are still young’ is a mantra I live by. It is because of it I
decided to join a backpacking excursion planned by a local group called the Naturalists. It was to
take place in Wrangell-st Elias National Park and Reserve's great trail, Goat trail. I signed up and
paid the required amount one month earlier as I did not want to miss out on the opportunity.
Backpacking in Wrangell-st Elias National Park and Reserve, and more specifically, the Goat
trail had been one of the things in my bucket list. Many awful things happened to me while I was
in Wrangell-st Elias National Park and Reserve and even though I enjoyed some things, I would
never consider going back to the place
The day started badly. Now that I think of it, I should have termed the events as
premonitions and bailed out. First of all, there had been a party next door, and due to the loud
noise, I kept tossing and turning the previous night. It was only in the wee hours that I managed
to sleep, and I was not well rested for backpacking. Secondly, I did not hear my alarm go...

Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.


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