ENG1010 Compare/Contrast Proper Use and Abuse of Drugs

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Save your paper as 1 document and include the following:

  • Cover page
  • Outline
  • Essay
  • Word count several returns after last line over minimum
  • Works Cited
  • Copies of required 3 sources

Your instructor may have additional requirements such as highlighting the quotes in both the essay and sources, copies of feedback, and/or printing the final.

nclude your word count from the introduction to the close a few lines after your last sentence aligned on left. Put your word count over the minimum required for this major paper. Ex: 1298/1200. Keep in mind a paper under the required word count will affect your grade. If your word count goes on the next page, that is fine, but do not put the word count on the works cited page. Make the works cited page the next page. Also keep in mind if you are missing a required source, it will severely affect your grade.

4. Be sure you have closely edited and improved your paper for each stage and avoid errors from past papers. Check which Core Competencies you have not passed yet.

5. After you upload your document to the Compare/Contrast Final Paper Dropbox, go to a new tab like grades under Course Information. Then, come back to the dropbox to ensure your document properly uploaded. Click on it and open. Resubmit if needed.

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1 Thomas Katie Thomas ENGL-1010-152-L52-Combined-201910 Lisa Cupp March 2019 25 Outline Compare/Contrast Drugs Thesis statement: what are drugs? It’s a narcotic that most people abuse daily on or off the counter, I am going to compare the difference in abusing them to using them the correct way. I. With taking narcotics you can develop an addition faster then you think, this can cause many problems not only to your health but your family and your appearance. A. Messing with your life, your health. B. Losing more then you gain like family, career, your community. C. Most of all it will kill your beauty your appearance with your respect. II. Doing drugs shouldn’t take over you, your life should mean more than getting high for a couple of minutes because they are more beauty when you are seeing everything clear. A. With being on drugs for so long will kill many organs over using them in this case your pretty much making your own death wish. 2 Thomas B. Missing out on what’s good loosening all the good years high isn’t how anyone should live life you should open your eyes and explore life with cleanness. III. Not everyone loose fast in this game over doing drugs can make you lose you beauty faster then what your supposed to, you’ll be 25 looking 38 why kill the best years of your life for something that don’t even last long. A. Your beauty is everything its morally wrong to give everything you have up for a fast high. B. Being on drugs will break you and its sad to say but they are so many people that do this to themselves and don’t even realize how much they are hurting themselves in the long run. IV. Pretty much over doing drugs cause so much damage to the everyday human and can really leave a scare in so many ways, drugs are not the answer to any problems in life and I hope no one will pick drugs over what s mortally right from wrong an using them correctly A. Using them correctly could help you other then not help you taking them when is needed to help you when you’re in pain when you need them, not over doing them will keep you young and help you get up and go. B. Don’t abuse them they are so much they could help with such as cancer, or sick people or people in car accidents stuff that the drugs are needed for. Conclusion: Over all we compare the difference in abusing drugs and not abusing them I hope that everyone will chose to use them when they are needed at the correct time and place. ...
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Surname 1
Katie Thomas
Lisa Cupp
March 2019 25

Compare/Contrast Proper Use and Abuse of Drugs
Introduction/Thesis Statement
The abuse of drugs meant for other medical purposes such as painkillers and anxiety
killers leads to negative impacts on individuals’ health and social lives. However, the proper use
of drugs plays a significant role in improving the quality of people. The following paper will,
therefore, focus on both positive and negative impacts of proper and wrong use of drugs.
Effects of abuse of drugs
One of the significant impacts of the abuse of drugs is an addiction. According to
Foxcroft (101), inappropriate use of drugs has the potential of leading to dependency. In the
process, the quality of life of the individual is drastically reduced. More so, there is a chance of
one losing their family, friends and the entire community. The issue is based on the unruly
behavior one has while under the influence. Additionally, excessive use of drugs deteriorates t he
physical appearance of individuals. In the process, the social life of the individual is adversely
affected as their physical appearance prevents them from socializing.

Surname 2
Financial Destruction
Addiction to prescription drugs has overreaching effects. One of the effects is the
inappropriate use of finances. For instance, an addicted individual has to find ways of accessing
the drugs regardless of the illegality of the matter. In the process, such strategies are quite
expensive and destroy an individual’s finances. In the end, such a person winds up ruining their
professional lives as well as the lives of the people who are their dependents. Foxcroft (29)
argues that the financial aspect is the basis of the destruction of lives. It is, therefore, a matter of
vital importance to understand the effects of the inappropriate use of prescription drugs.
Loss of Meaning to Life
Through the abuse of drugs meant for other medical purposes, an individual loses
meaning to life. The psychological trauma associ...

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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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