Module 6 Forum 1-2 Safety Net Providers and Culture of Health Paper

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Module 6 Discussion Forum 1

Safety Net Providers/Services

After reading the materials for this module, do some more research (i.e., Internet, journals, community services databases) about Safety Net services and providers. Discuss in a post of 150 - 200 words the following:

What are safety net services/providers; who is served by safety net providers; what safety net services (you should include oral health services as well) exist in your own community; what are the gaps in safety net services in your community; how are the services typically funded; what factors influence the capacity of safety net services (i.e., public policy, funding, etc.). Do you think that the safety net services are adequate in your community (why/why not)?

Module 6 Discussion Forum 2

Culture of Health

After you have completed the readings for this week, take some time to reflect on your vision of a “Culture of Health”.  Think back through all the other reading you have done in this course, and perhaps others. Think about your own experiences and your observations of people around you, in your family, your community, your work environment, etc. Think about what you know about social inequality, health inequities and vulnerable populations. Jot down your thoughts, experiences, and discussion points as you are thinking through them to help you form sort of an outline or list of important points to include in your reflection. Then do the following:

In a post of at least 175 words, discuss the following:

What does “Culture of Health” mean to me?  This is to be your own personal thoughts and reflections (you may cite source material, but only to support your points where needed; I do not want a restatement of the readings).

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Running head: MODULE 6, FORUM 1 AND 2

Module 6, Forum 1 and 2
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Discussion Forum 1: Safety Net Providers/Services
Safety-net providers” are people who by decree or calling give an opportunity for care
irrespective of the capability of the patient to pay for the services and whose patient range entails
a significant part of uninsured, Medicaid, and other helpless patients. They open their doors to
different types of patients (Cunningham et al. 2012). The safety net services that exist in my
community include; ancillary, specialty, and hospital services like; dental heal...

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