Importance Of Water In Hydration And Health Persuasive Speech

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I need you to write a persuasive speech and outline for my public speaking class. the speech is about water like talk about we have to drink like 7 cups of water everyday and it good for our kidney and we have to substitute coffee and other drinks with water. I uploaded the Audience Analysis that I did in the class and you have to use it as one the credibility in the speech and I also uploaded a file to show the instruction of the speech and how many credibility you can use and I uploaded an outline example to let you have an idea how to do it

The speech format:


body will be

1- problem




the speech has to be from 7 to 9 mins

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Assignment 5: Persuasive Speech & Outline Goals: This assignment is designed to provide the opportunity to put the all of the knowledge and skills from the course into practice. Specifically, it aims to put into practice skills in audience analysis, argumentative reasoning, and management of personal ethos, while attempting to persuade the audience. Description: As a speaker, you must aim to persuade or to actuate the class to your way of thinking on a specific topic. Within your speech, you should present a problem, the reasons that problem exists, and what we can do to fix that problem using documented evidence (not just your opinion) to convince your audience. To complete the assignment, you are required to submit a complete full-sentence outline and bibliography in advance, as well as deliver a successful persuasive speech to the class. The Speech is worth 100 points and the outline 30. Speech Preparation: You may choose to structure your speech in one of two organizational designs: the motivated sequence design or the problem/cause/solution design. Be prepared to deliver the speech extemporaneously. You will be penalized 10 points for excessive reliance on note cards. The speech presented in class must include the following: 1. An appropriate introduction -- meeting the six criteria 2. Evidence of audience analysis throughout the speech 3. At least three main ideas with two sub-points for each 4. Use of at least two different types of supporting material 5. Citation of at least six sources. Your sources must be cited aloud during your speech. 6. An action step in your last main point (solutions). You may wish to solve your problem through legislation or by changing an existing system. In addition, you must provide the audience with the potential to act based on your speech. The action step is literally something that your audience could do once they leave the classroom were they motivated to action by your speech. 7. Evidence of persuasive organizational development 8. An appropriate conclusion 9. An attempt to enhance ethos through your appearance Outline Preparation: You must turn in a complete, typed, full-sentence outline – including a bibliography – to your instructor before you deliver the speech. If you do not bring your outline to your instructor prior to your presentation, you may be denied the opportunity to speak. If the outline is not in full-sentence format, you will be penalized with a deduction of 15 points from your final grade. The total point value of the outline is 30 points. Grading Guidelines: Grade Value 22% of total graded work Point Value 130 points (100 speech/30 outline) Time Limit 7-9 minutes Note Cards 4 maximum Visual Aid Optional Outline/Bibliography Required; 15 point penalty if not ready when due Learning Outcomes: Assessment of this assignment will focus primarily on measuring the following outcomes: 1. Demonstration of the student’s ability to recognize and adapt to diverse audiences 2. Demonstration of the student’s ability to research, analyze, and reason from evidence to create logically sound arguments and conclusions 3. Demonstration of the student’s ability to create and to perform an original speech to persuade Critique Sheet for the Persuasive Speech Speaker: _________________________ Topic: _____________________________ Grade: _____ Time penalty: _____ Final grade: _____ INTRODUCTION (25 pts.) : _____ 012345 Gained attention and interest 012345 Introduced topic clearly 012345 Motivated the audience to listen 012345 Established credibility 012345 Previewed remainder of speech COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS DISCUSSION (35 pts.): _____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 Main points well organized/developed 0 1 2 3 4 5 Clearly focused topic 0 1 2 3 4 5 Adequate Solution Steps 0 1 2 3 4 5 Language: vivid, clear, creative 0 1 2 3 4 5 Identified with audience throughout 0 1 2 3 4 5 Transitions: quality, points well identified 0 1 2 3 4 5 Speech is Persuasive: Weakening/Strengthening Commitment, Conversion, Induces a Specific Action SUPPORTING MATERIALS (10 pts.): _____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 Quality: credible sources 012345 Quantity: enough supporting material CONCLUSION (10 pts): _____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 Summary clear 012345 Sense of closure DELIVERY (20 pts.): _____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 Level of animation/confidence/dynamism 0 1 2 3 4 5 Gestures: effective, appropriate? 0 1 2 3 4 5 Voice clarity, vocal emphasis 0 1 2 3 4 5 Extemporaneous style and use of notes Persuasive Outline by Name Name General Purpose: To persuade Specific Puqlose: By the end of my speech the audience will be able to empathize with reasons as to why the drinking age should be 18. Central Idea: The legal drinking age in the United States should be lowered to 18 for many reasons including the fact that you are considered a legal adult at the age of 18, the fact that a lowered drinking age would drastically reduce the amount of unsafe drinking scenario's, and the fact that the legal system would rather take $2000 and min a teenager's life as opposed to actually fixing the issue. Organizational Method: Categorical What Do You Plan To Accomplish In This S1>eech: Promote change in the mindset of the general population about the drinking age. Attention-getting Material: When you think about yourself do you consider yourself a criminal? Well in the eyes of the law nearly every one in this room is an absolute degenerate. Credibility Material: I am a credible source on this subject matter because in high school I , as arrested on charges of underage drinking, so I have seen first-hand how poorly our country's legal system deals with matters of this nature. Relevance Material: This infonnation is relevant to you guys because we are in college and I would bet a large amount of money that every single one of your dumbasses partakes in underage drinking on a weekly basis. Thesis Statement (aka Main Point): The legal drinking age in the United States should be lowered to 18 for many reasons including the fact that you are considered a legal adult at the age of 18, the fact that a lo,, ered drinking age would drastically reduce the amount of unsafe drinking scenario's and the fact that the legal system would rather take $2000 and ruin a teenager's life as opposed to actually fixing the issue. (Transition into body of speech): I'm sure everyone in this room has that memory of turning 18 and walking into a gas station to buy a lottery ticket or a pack of cigarettes regardless of if you even smoke. Body: I. First Preview Point: In the United States, a citizen legally becomes an adult at the age of 18, yet the legal drinking age is 21. A. (SubJloint): At the age of 18 I am allowed to vote a president into office, get drafted into ·war, and go die for my country, yet I am not allowed to have a beer? Name B. (Sub1>oint): The United States is only one of seven countries worldwide to have the drinking age set to 21. (Transition into preview point 2): One of the big problems with the current drinking age is that teenagers get hammered and go do a bunch of stupid stuff. II. Preview Point #2: If the legal drinking age was lowered to 18, teenagers would be far less likely to put themselves in dangerous/unsafe drinking scenario's in an effort to not get caught by either parents or law enforcement. A. (Sub1>oint): At this age, many teenagers are likely to consume alcohol in an unsupervised scenario where it is much more likely to binge drink or to prutake in dangerous activities once they are inebriated. B. (Subpoint): The fact that it is common in our culture to break the underage drinking law also normalizes committing crime to many teenagers and can act as a gateway. (Transition into preview point 3): It is also a big problem in our country that so many teenagers are arrested for underage drinking. III. Preview Point #3: Our country's legal system is incredibly broken and has its goals set on earning some quick revenue off of some easy underage targets as opposed to actually attempting to solve the problem. A. (SubJ>oint): In order to not spend time in prison and possibly have their lives ruined, teenagers who receive an MIP are forced to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees. B. (Sub1>oint): The legal system has built too much of an industry off of underage drinking charges, and they are not willing to give up the revenue even if changing the law would have more benefits than consequences. (Transition into Conclusion with Sign1>ost): I conclusion, we are all simply here to have a good time, and it is rather unnecessary to make a legal ordeal out of it. Summarize & Restate Main Idea: Today I discussed reasons as to why the drinking age should be changed back to 18 including reasons such as 18 being the age of an adult in this country , the decrease in dangerous scenarios regarding underage drinking, and the broken nature of our legal system regarding underage drinking. Last words ... Leave us something to remember: On that note lets go crack a cold one. References (6 required): (APA or MLA Style) Sterbenz, Christina ... The 13 Most Commonly Broken Laws.'' Business In "ider, Business Insider, Name 10 Oct. 2013, "Drinking Age" 'hould the Drinking Age Be Loweredfrom 21 to a Younger Age?, Hanson, David J ·'Minimum Legal Drinking Ages around the World." Alcohol Problems & Solutions, 30 June 2014, Engs, Dr. Ruth C. Indiana University, The Lilly Library, Indiana University , .html. Aguine, Alexis. ·'National Drinking Age Should Be Lowered to 18." National Drinking Age Should Be Lowered to 18 I The University Star, Vopni, Rachel. ·'Why the Legal Drinking Age Should Be 18."' The Odyssey Online, Odyssey, 27 Aug. 2017 , ww. Audience Analysis: Persuasion This audience analysis was taken by 20 students (use that as one of your six credibility in your speech) 1: How many of you all drink more than 4 cups of water a day? Yes 14 No What? 6 2: How many of you all drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day? Yes 3 No What? 17 3: How many of you have used water in a diet by substitute other drinks with water? Yes 17 No ] 3 What? ...
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Persuasive speech



Did you know that a dehydrated driver is likely to make same mistakes as one who is
under influence of alcohol? Water is one of the most important substances for our bodily
function. While one can survive up to two months without consuming food, the human body
can only survive up to seven days without water. This goes to show how vital water is in the
human body. Since water makes up to50% of the human body content, lack of it leads to
dehydration. According to research, dehydration has severe bodily effects, and affects body
function and concentration as is the case when one is under the influence of alcohol. In
addition, dehydration makes one very sleepy. According to medical findings, it only takes 45
minutes to hydrate, after which the compromised body functions are able to perform at an
optimal level (Mann, 2014). However, we often make a mistake of attempting to hydrate
using other drinks such as coffee and soft drinks which cannot achieve similar hydration
results as water.

Even though we all know that there are health benefits of hydration, only 70% of us
here take more than 4 cups of water a day. In addition, 20% of us consume more than two
cups of coffee a day, while 85% of us have substituted water with other drinks at one point .
This is a reflection of the worrisome statistics which indicate that atleast 75% of Americans
are chronically dehydrated (MUNDELL, 2016). This constant dehydration has led to most of
us getting used to this lack of water, hence we are unable to tell that our bodies need more
water. While the average drinks we consume a day is 2.5, the institute of Medicine
recommends that we should take 10 cups of water daily. However, for most of us, when the
body craves for hydration, we tend to opt for unhealthy options such as coffee, tea, and
carbonated drinks. The sugar and other chemicals in soft drinks and coffees compromises



one’s immune system, while giving an illusion of short term hydration. Consumption of these
substitutes can take a toll on the body as it could lead to dehydration and irritability if not
consumed, thus leadin...

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